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What is Better – Dedicated Server Hosting or Cloud Hosting?

Dedicated server hosting and cloud hosting are two important and prominent hosting services. The selection of these services should be done on various factors including access, storage, upgrade, cost-effectiveness, scaling, segmentation of resources and support. It is possible to add stringent security and compliance ...Read More

The Future of Cloud Technology Has Silver Lining

COMPLEXITIES WITHOUT CLOUD In today’s ever-changing business world, companies are obliged to invest big way both in terms of finances and time to meet the challenges of technology by up-grading their IT infrastructure including softwares, hardware and services. When an organization is short of ...Read More

The Future of Cloud Technologies

As technology continues to advance exponentially, it is exciting to gaze into the crystal ball and hypothesise how cloud technologies will innovate into the future. Although the cloud technology marketplace is starting to mature, the expertise of IT professionals is continuing to evolve quickly. ...Read More

Why Choose the Cloud?

Why should business owners make the switch to the cloud? Cloud solutions come with a broad level of benefits that will make your life easier. Are you a startup business? If so, investing in the cloud means that you do not have to put as much ...Read More
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