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9 Ways To Use Augmented Reality In Education

Augmented Reality, or AR, is one of the latest technological advancements in user software. AR consists of overlapping images of video onto a real-world situation, such as with Pokémon Go. There are several modern applications of AR, the most famous of which are usually ...Read More

How Internet of Things (IoT) Benefit Education in 2017?

We’re analyzing the influence of technology on learning and how technology has alternated the education landscape in recent times. Establishing a 21’st century institute needs teachers to deal with a fast evolving world brimming with new challenges as well as intriguing possibilities. Novelty in ...Read More

9 Ways Technology Can Help Students in Assignment Writing

Modern generation gives fairly green approaches to improve the capabilities, strategies, and creativity of writing. Many students are struggling with their educational papers without knowing that the internet gives an immense wide variety of equipment which could assist them grow to be better writers. ...Read More
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