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Increase Sales Through Social Media

One of the most integral parts of a business is the sales process. And to be able to successfully deal with this, it is important to build connections with target clients to know your prospects and build good relationships with them. With all these ...Read More

Best Practices on Inbound Marketing

Have you really ever thought about inbound marketing and how it can benefit your business? Well if you have been relying mostly on your outbound marketing efforts, it’s time to consider the benefits of inbound marketing and how it can greatly boost your ROI. ...Read More

5 Tips For Running A Social Media Contest

With the emergence of social media contests as a marketing tool, it is important for companies to understand how to get the best bang for their buck. By establishing firm ground rules and setting goals for contests, employees will be able to fully understand ...Read More

What Does Social Sharing Means For Your Business?

People use social media for everything from landing a job to finding old friends, from promoting a business to pure entertainment. Social sharing in today’s world mean as much as promotions and propaganda as entertainment. Business houses are also cashing on this practice to ...Read More

Email Newsletters in the Age of the Blog

Before the time of the blog, many companies relied heavily on email newsletters to keep consumers updated with product and company news. Thanks to technology, you can create blog posts while waiting for the dentist. Many businesses have shifted their focus to blogging, but ...Read More

Social Media Career Success Story

If you love metrics, strategizing, messaging and translating news then a career in social media is a great opportunity. For success in social media it is important to be trained and also keep yourself updated with the latest happenings. With experience and successful campaigns ...Read More

4 Tweets That Could Drive Visitors to Your Site

You’ve probably long since gotten the memo that you need to participate in social media if you want to remain relevant online. However, you can’t just throw up an account on Twitter, spam the world with information about your website, products or services and ...Read More

Taking Full Advantage of LinkedIn

While sites like Facebook and Twitter offer opportunities for sharing photos, telling funny stories and connecting with new and old friends, LinkedIn is the premiere social networking destination for business networking. According to LinkedIn statistics, just short of nine million small business professionals use ...Read More

Impact of Social Media on SEO

In the old days, in 1999 that is, things were simple, and search engines used page content and Meta tags to determine relevancy. Later, Google turned all of that around, introducing their PageRank algorithm, which used the number and quality of inbound links to ...Read More