Does Cheap SEO Mean Poor Quality SEO?

Many business owners daily search for cheap SEO services but cheap SEO doesn’t have to mean poor quality SEO. It is a universal thing that the cheaper the price the poorer the quality but with SEO, that should not be the case as it has grave consequences that will adversely affect the business owner.

In this article, we’re going to discuss why cheap SEO doesn’t have to mean poor quality SEO and why the technique of the prior cheap SEO failed.

With wake of 2014, after the latest Google updates, many businesses had their Google rankings nosedive due to poor quality SEO. This is because; prior to this time many businesses raise their SEO rankings by employing cheap SEO providers who in turn deliver very poor quality SEO. These cheap SEO providers can create automated tools that insert keywords and other codes on your web pages, then, they submit your site to Google and other search engines. They create low quality spammy links which is now detectable by Google.

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Another technique employed by business owners is to hire offshore companies that will take a low price to send unsolicited emails with a promise to optimize your web pages and build backlinks. These backlinks are of low quality in that they are mass linked and have a very high probability of triggering a Google penalty which will cost more time and money to sort out.

Why cheap SEO doesn’t have to mean poor quality SEO?

No magic button

Cheap SEO doesn’t have to mean poor quality SEO if SEO companies take their time to follow best practices. There is no magic button you can install on your website that will do the work because SEO is more than building a few links and adding a few keywords to your web pages.

What a good quality SEO entails is fully optimizing your website, generate brand awareness and boost the authority of your website. This will in turn create natural backlinks to your site, drive traffic to your site and improve your rankings. This is a sure system that will stand the test of time especially with the Google upgrade.

Great content is a key factor

Great content remains a key factor in creating a great webpage. No one will want a poor piece of content that does not make sense to represent their company. Content placed on your website is a direct reflection of your business. Hence even if your SEO is cheap, content should never be compromised.

Hiring offshore SEO companies has its own downside because there may be a language barrier and time zone differences. This often makes communication a bit of a hassle and may affect the quality of content delivered as there may are often spelling and grammatical errors. Many of these cheap SEO companies do not want to research on the products; as such they just work with the keywords and create thousands of links. Many of the offshore companies are also not interested in creating a long term relationships with the customers hence they are more likely to do a poor quality work.

Getting cheap but good quality SEO is possible and obtainable. Getting the right visitors from the search engines is very necessary to ensure the success of your website; however it is also important to note that SEO is not a onetime project. Cheap SEO doesn’t have to be poor quality SEO if you develop a long term search engine optimization strategy. Tools and services may look expensive but can save you a lot of money in the future and yet deliver impressive results in the long run.

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