Choose The Best Online Content Editing Service For Your Research Manuscript

Research is a time-consuming and painstaking process that yields new discoveries and breakthroughs in the field in which it is conducted. Getting a manuscript published is considered as a validation of a researcher’s hard work and dedication. Researchers the world over submit hundreds of thousands of manuscripts to publications annually, but only a fraction of these are accepted for publication. Two of the primary reasons of manuscript rejection are the way the manuscript is written and the extent to which it adheres to the journal’s style. While a researcher may be a subject-matter expert in his/her field of research there is no guarantee that he/she is a proficient writer/editor. This is where a professional editing service can step in to help increase an author’s chances of publication.

Choosing the most suitable editing service provider

Before you submit your research paper for approval, peer review, and eventual publication, it is recommended that you look up various editing services online, assess them, and choose one that offers services to suit your needs. An editing service must provide a competitive edge in terms of the following parameters:

Look for quality assurance and standardized processes

When you assess an online academic content editing service it is advisable to check their quality certifications, the range of expertise they claim to have, and any other factors that would provide you, their prospective customer, with a competitive edge. It is better to go with a service provider that has an ISO quality certification for their process, as this is the industry standard and assures customers of excellent services delivered consistently. Your best choice would be a service provider that assures you of multi-disciplinary expertise, a well-trained team of experienced editors, and quality-certified systems and processes.

Find out more about the editorial team

When planning to use the assistance of an academic editing service, it is a good idea to look up the areas of specialization their editorial team can work on. The diversity of the editorial pool, the academic backgrounds of the editors, the veracity of their work, and their years and level of experience are factors that are most indicative of reliability. For example, Editage shares detailed editor profiles to help authors gauge their capabilities better.

Trained editors can help you better

It is also advisable to inquire about the kind of training an editor at the academic editing firm receives and whether the training is upgraded on a regular basis. The world of communication is dynamic. Changes are always being made by different journals to the style of writing expected, formatting requirements, and other technical considerations. To stay ahead of the curve, it is essential for any academic editing service to stay abreast of these changes and to ensure that its editorial team is able to learn and incorporate them in their services.

Check if re-editing services are offered

Editing is a collaborative process: Authors often revise manuscripts based on suggestions from the journal. After considering these recommendations, authors may need an editor to perform another round of edit on the revised manuscript. Ensure that the academic editing service you choose offers comprehensive re-editing support right up to the final version of your document.

End-to-end publication support

Always remember that finalizing your manuscript might involve several rounds of communication with the editor working on your manuscript. The back-and-forth does not end here. Once you submit your manuscript to the journal, you will make additional changes based on the journal editor’s/reviewer’s feedback. Choose an editing firm that provides additional or end-to-end publication support from editing to helping you choose a journal, assisting you with responding to reviewers’ comments, formatting your manuscript or preparing a submission cover letter. This will ensure that you receive well-rounded support and will increase your chances of acceptance for publication.

Jack is a passionate writer and works at Editage and Editage shares detailed editor profiles to help authors gauge their capabilities better.

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