Use hiver to collaborate on tasks, sales and support in Gmail

Collaborate on Tasks, Sales, And Support – all from inside Gmail, with Hiver

Our emails contain more than information and greetings. They contain important things like tasks which need to be delegated to the team, client queries, customer requests, crucial project updates and changes etc. Given that email will continue to play a major role in our professional and personal life, smooth collaboration is an absolute need to ensure high productivity.

So why is this effective collaboration hard to achieve? It’s because Gmail and other mail platforms don’t provide us with the necessary features to collaborate at work. Without intuitive features streamlining workflows and managing tasks is not possible.

That’s where Hiver comes into the picture as a collaboration tool that allows you to move important emails to a centralized & shared repository where it is easily available for later use.

The main reason for starting Hiver stems from Niraj’s and his peers’ personal experience with collaboration on e-mail – an activity still largely inefficient considering that e-mail is a popular way for people to collaborate.

E-mail clutter and information getting lost keeps people away from failing to achieve daily goals easily, so giving e-mail the power  to make it easier for teams to merge seemed like the logical way to go.

It has four main features:

  • Shared Gmail labels for collaboration.
  • Shared Contacts for sales and support.
  • Shared Gmail templates to save time.
  • Shared Notes to make Gmail threads richer.

In short, Hiver simplifies internal communication, and client management; and optimizes performance.

hiver features

Hiver: Business uses

Customer Support

Create a main Customer Support label and share it with your customer support team. As customer emails come in you would (1) assign it the Customer Support label so the team can see the new inquiry and (2) create a second label to assign it to a specific team member. When the issue is resolved, that team member can mark it with the Complete label. Also, another helpful feature for customer  support is the shared contacts. The contact list of leads, prospects, or clientele is an important asset to the company. How do you ensure that every time a new contact comes in or an old contact gets updated, all your employees have access to those updates? Hiver’s shared contacts allows you to maintain a centralized contact list. It helps you avoid the chaotic to and fro of sharing contact information amongst your team.

Project Management

All team members who have access to the particular project label can see all aspects of the project and know who is working on what. They can also communicate with each other using Shared Notes to move the tasks along. Shared notes let you attach notes to the email itself and you can fill these notes with relevant information/updates; the notes are accessible for others to read. In short, it works like a sticky note to the email.

Sales Leads

Create a Sales Leads label and share it with your sales team. When a lead comes in you can then create a second label to assign a certain person to that lead. Hiver’s shared contacts allows you to maintain a centralized contact list. It helps you avoid the chaotic to and fro of sharing contact information amongst your team.For example, one of your sales person finds a new lead and gets their contact information: They can update this new lead’s details on the shared contact list and everyone else with whom the contacts have been shared will have access to the updates made by that salesperson.

Email delegation

Assign tasks to your EA or Virtual Assistant and track them easily with shared Gmail labels. If you want to delegate a particular task to your EA, add a “Task: EA” for that email, once your EA is done with the task, it can be changed to “Status: Done”.  Also, shared templates allow you to create common templates, for example, to answer customer queries, and share to the . Just install the browser extension and click on the Hiver toolbar button to set up your templates.

Here are few more features that are a demonstration of Hiver’s intuitiveness:

  • You can add reminders to your emails, so that you don’t miss out on replying to important emails.
  • Track email opens and clicks. Much needed information to track your progress.
  • Shared email templates allow you to share a standardized email template with  your team, saving time in drafting emails.
  • Scheduled emails is a feature that lets you schedule when to send the email, so that it can reach the intended person at the right time.

With the addition of shared labels, you’re be able to not only keep your own work organized but also collaborate and assign tasks directly from Gmail.

With shared contacts, sales and support become so much easier because everyone has access to the same contact list.

With shared email templates, you will be able to embed the template into the email with just 2 clicks and then it can shared with your co-workers.

With shared notes on emails, you will be able to keep track of what is going on in an email thread.

The ability to collaborate with shared Gmail labels, contacts, templates & notes makes it very useful for organizations who want to keep their project management simple without adding more tools & IT platforms.

Hiver simply super charges your Gmail into an even more useful tool. It aims to help you curb information loss, time loss, and energy loss; and exponentially increase your team’s output generation.