This may come as a surprise to most of my blog readers but I think it makes sense to discuss the same. I am an avid fan of Wikipedia. Like many others, I too have been using Wikipedia from long and mostly for the reference purpose. This will be more clear if you happen to go through my blog archive. Most of my old posts have a linkback to Wikipedia for related content. I think this needs to be practiced by bloggers though it is not compulsory to provide references or link only to the Wikipedia Stuff. You can provide references to any other site which you must have visited and found fit for the same. Also most of us know that Wikipedia is plagued with controversies. The biggest controversy surrounding the same is its reliability but honestly, for me it is an indispensable source of information and knowledge without which my writings, my learnings would have been incomplete and surely ineffective.

Wikipedia Donation

Now, Wikipedia has grown like anything till date. With more than 20 million articles and in over 280 international languages, Wikipedia has certainly stood out from the rest. It is the sheer epitome of knowledge catering to the never ending need of information seekers. Honestly, I feel that we also have a role to play here. Wikipedia has been doing its job exceedingly well but to make sure it carries on with the same momentum, requires some contribution from our side. To make it more clear, Wikipedia is asking for donations from people like us who have been using it on regular basis to seek free and relevant information. I have been reading the same from last few days whenever I am onto Wikipedia. I don’t know how many of you know about the same but anyways, I think we must support Wikipedia in anyways possible. Very recently, Google had donated $2 million to Wikimedia foundation for its commendable role in promoting faster and more open web. Well, $2 million, I must be kidding but even little contributions can make a big difference. But again, why should I donate to Wikipedia? What purpose does it serve? Well, below are few things to ponder upon and let you yourself decide –
  • Wikipedia is one of the highest visited sites on the internet serving 470 million people every month with billions of page views.
  • Wikipedia provides information virtually on every topic you think and search and moreover, the information is completely free to access.
  • Unlike websites which rely on advertisements to generate revenue for them, Wikipedia is a non-profit organization which relies on donations instead of advertisements for its growth and survival.
  • Google has a million servers, Yahoo has around 13,000 staff. But Wikipedia lags behind the required infrastructure and so as to meet demands for the same, it has to rely heavily on fundings from its readers.

Well, please do not get me wrong here. I haven’t been asked by Wikipedia to write for them. This is purely on the basis of my thinking and finally, it is with one to decide on the same. Just felt we could also play our part and donating few bucks is far more easier than  being an editor over there…What say ??