How to control and minimize data usage in smartphone

Controlling and Minimizing Data Usage in Smartphone

Keeping track of data usage in Smartphone is an important thing for any subscriber. Do you know how much data you use in a month? Android phones are averaging about 583 megabytes of data usage in a month according to 2011 statistics from Nielson. Most of this usage is blamed on applications with some being considered extremely dangerous when it comes to data usage. Most carriers have limited data usage in a month or with an individual bubble plan. This limits the pre-paid users but leaves most post-paid users with shocking bills, especially if their plans are limited.

Data usage can be tested using Smartphone data usage app and android data usage app depending on your phone type. High data consuming applications include the following.


Applications that enable music streaming on the go are the most widely used in the Smartphone world. These applications can cause trouble if not regulated properly. If your plan is the one that does not allow much data usage then streaming should not be an option. Music streaming can consume a lot of data so choosing to download it on WiFi and then listening in offline mode may be a better option. For instance listening to music all day long in Pandora can use up to 15GB of data. Others like Spotify may use less data as compared to Pandora.

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Movie streaming

Though not much common with Smartphone due to high specifications, they chop most data and at times outdo the music stream. For instance, a 5 minute video clip on YouTube can consume up to 500Mb of data in a month. If the minutes are increased, a subscriber can be charged up to 10 GB a month. What if you streamed 2 or more whole movies in a day? Another more data intensive application includes Netflix streaming which depends on your network connection.


Games are addictive and more exciting to many people. Online gaming can be very expensive depending on the amount of data it eats up. This is because games can have multiplayer modes, detailed graphics, scoreboard and online updates among others. Downloading can also be costly, especially the large file games and 3D games.

Video chatting

Video chatting is a new chat trend that is booming in most countries. This chat uses much more data than a standard internet call. Video chat is common in Skype and Google+, hangouts among others. Using carrier plan to use these services may be very costly without the right plan. The usage can go to as high as 30mb per minute session.

Social media

As much as Facebook, twitter Google+ among others are common, their data usage is relatively high depending on time spent on the platforms. Activities such as sharing pictures, videos and heavy files may significantly raise the data usage.

Smartphone data usage app can be used especially in android to manage data usage. This application has significant control by tracking data usage, setting usage alarm, monitoring the usage by applications, and it entails simple setup that makes it easy to use. In conclusion, data management is an important tool in Smartphone usage, using android data usage app can bring a great difference in your mobile bill.

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