Convert EML to MBOX File Format Using EML Converter Wizard

Convert EML to MBOX File Format

Role of Email Communication in Our Life

In present, email has been become the best and secure transmission of messages over many communications networks and operates across the Internet or many other computer networks. It is very helpful for personal and professionals use in short time duration. It is very effective because, it is easy and quick way to be with family, friends & business clients.

To use email service, there are many email application available in the market such as – Pocomail, Outlook express, Thunderbird, Spice Bird Mail, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Eudora, Netscape, Entourage, Mac Mail, Turnpike, Berkeley, The BAT, Mail Copa, eM client, Earth Link, Windows Vista Mail, Lotus Notes and many more with many additional features such as- large storage capacity, easy user friendly interface etc. Among all of them, few email applications use EML extension to save their emails, while few of them supports MBOX format to save email files. Further we will go over the problems i.e. how to import eml to mbox. But before jump into conversion process, you should know about the basics of both email file format in brief. To obtain some basic knowledge about these email extensions, both are discussed below-

EML File

An EML format is common email file extension supported by multiple email application in order to save individual email messages. It contains plain ASCII text for the main message body and headers as well as attachments and hyperlinks.


This is the perfect way of storing mail message in the UNIX world. All messages in an MBOX Mailboxes are stored as plain text in a single file. This file format used by many of the email applications like- Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, Seamonkey, Apple Mail etc.

Advantages of MBOX file format

  1. Searching text inside a single mailbox file is fast.
  2. Appending a new mail into the mailbox file is accelerated.
  3. The format is universally supported

Here, the main question arises, why users import EML to MBOX file format?

According to the above discussion we all know about the EML and MBOX files in brief, as both are the most common file format and used by several users, but both are different from each other. Here, if any users need to import their emails from EML into MBOX file format then reasons may be anything such as-

  • Job switching
  • Personal Reason
  • Prefer MBOX
  • Not comfortable with EML format

So, in this case direct conversion process is not possible. To sort out this problem, users need to take help of external tool import EML files into MBOX easily and perfectly.

eml to mbox software

Get help by EML to MBOX Software

It is an amazing software that convert EML to MBOX with all the email properties such as- images, attachments, formatting etc. Users can download this software which will quickly scans the entire system, extract EML data and convert all the data to any MBOX supported email application. The software also supports many other additional features which are given below-

  • Provides single as well as batch conversion option to convert EML file format as per requirements.
  • It maintain EML message folder structure after completion of conversion process
  • Save converted file in desired location
  • Provides conversion of EML to MBOX (supports all the MBOX supported email apps)
  • Store the location by viewing the emails at once
  • Offers different file naming option to store email data after conversion according to the user requirement.
  • Supports all the versions of Windows Operating System.
  • No file size limitations.

Demo Version

Free demo is available with EML Converter Wizard that enables users to get assurance about tool efficiency before purchasing it. Using this option you can import 25 emails at once. After testing the software, if user want to import EML to MBOX unlimited then they need to buy licensed key at its nominal price i.e. 69 USD only.