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How to Edit Scanned PDF Slides

As you probably know, PDF file format keeps the document layout and you cannot edit it as other file formats. PDF files are inevitable in the business world, especially when they need to be sent from one computer to another. When using PDF format, you do not need to worry about losing the document layout or some of its data. Not only can you preserve the content of your document, but you can also make your files secure and put certain permissions on it.

Why are documents saved in PDF?

  • Preserve the document layout
  • Keep data safe
  • Password protect a document
  • Easily viewed on any device
  • Platform independent

Can you edit (scanned) PDF files?

The only disadvantage of PDF is that you cannot edit PDF files as easy as MS Office files. Not to mention how hard it can be to edit a scanned PDF. Unlike native PDF files, scanned files are the result of a scanned paper. For instance, you want to digitize a paper document, you scan it and move it to your computer. When you save such document in PDF, it becomes a scanned PDF.

Even though there are many PDF conversion programs that easily convert PDF files to various formats, scanned PDF files cannot be converted with every PDF converter. When you pick a PDF converter, make sure it has OCR technology implemented. Thanks to OCR technology, text can be easily extracted from PDF file and edited in almost any file application.

Most common issue when converting a scanned PDF

One of the most common problems that occur when you want to convert a scanned file is that the end result it totally black. If that happens with your file when you try to convert, it doesn’t mean necessarily that the tool you are using is bad, but the original file.

However, there is a trick how to prevent this from happening. The only thing you need to do is to reprint a PDF file before uploading it for conversion. To reprint a PDF, open it in any viewer and click on Print menu. From the list of printers choose one virtual print driver you have and print the file. Have in mind, if you choose a printer, like a real printer, your file will be printed and you will get a paper version. You don’t need that. Instead, just choose any virtual printer and save the file again to PDF.

You will see, once you reprint a file and upload it, your conversion result will look like how you expected.

How to Convert Scanned PDF to PowerPoint

Most blogs explain how to convert scanned PDF files to Word, because Microsoft Word is the most popular application and docx the most common file type. In addition to regular business documents, individuals also use presentations every time they want to pitch an idea at the meeting or to get a new client. Since presentations are edited best in PowerPoint, today we will show you how to convert scanned PDF slides and unlock your presentation.

To show you a step-by-step guide, we have chosen Free Online PDF to PPT Converter. This online tool is free to use and it supports scanned PDF files. In this guide you can see how to edit PDF presentations in PowerPoint, but the process is completely the same for other popular MS Office formats- Word and Excel. So, if you need other conversion type, you can click on the corresponding button. There is also an option to create a PDF file, in case you want to turn your edited presentation to PDF again.

  1. Upload a PDF file that you want to convert to PowerPoint
  2. Insert your email address where you want to receive the conversion result
  3. Start the conversion process
pdf to powerpoint (ppt) converter online

Upload a PDF from your computer or a mobile device

You can upload a PDF file of any size. The larger the file is, the longer will take to convert. When you upload a file and finish other two steps, the file is sent to the servers for conversion. The conversion servers are not handled by people but automatically, so your file is secured. Given that no one has access to your files, you don’t need to worry about the privacy. What is more, this tool works on every operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux. You can even use it on a mobile browser and convert files on the go.

Choose where to save the converted file

When you enter your email address and click the “Start” button, you will receive an email with the download link. Open that link and click on the “Download file”button. You will be able to choose the location where you want to save the converted file. It will be in .pptx format and ready for editing. You can also check the file name field and rename the file if necessary. The converted file will be saved on the same device, so if you use a mobile phone to edit a PDF presentation, the converted file will be automatically saved to your phone. So,if it matters to you where the document will be saved, make sure you use the tool on that very device. Or if that is not possible, you can email your converted file to any other device, or upload it to the cloud.

What else should you know before you start

  • Privacy policy guarantees that your email will not be sold to the third parties.
  • Sometimes you will wait longer if the servers are busy and too many users are converting files at the same time.
  • You can use any MS PowerPoint alternative to edit a converted file
  • There is a free customer support you can contact for any questions or complaints

Next time you need to edit a scanned PDF document,don’t forget to check out this useful guide for help. It will save you muchtime, because you want need to make a presentation from scratch, but just toreuse an old one

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