Top tips to hire perfect mobile app developer for your need

Cracking the Code: Tips to Hire the Perfect Mobile App Developer

With companies rushing to develop mobile apps, the war for top developers is fierce than ever. Whether you are looking to develop mobile apps from scratch, revamp user experience, or manage business critical applications, the world of coding is getting bigger and better. Companies are looking to hire talented mobile app developers to empower the next generation of smart devices.

Developers are king

In a world driven by code, companies will pay a king’s ransom to attract top talent. Be it Android, iOS, or any other operating system, there is a frenzy to hire mobile app developers. The app world is already crammed full of startups, freelancers, and indie developers, making it a challenge to actually select the best app developer for your idea and budget.

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You also want to ensure that your developer is capable of creating a well-designed app, functional, and easy-to-use app that people will want to download. Undoubtedly, choosing a right app developer is an important decision. The realization of your idea is in your developer’s hands. So select wisely and make well-informed decision.

Keep the following pointers in mind before you hire a mobile app developer:

It is not just about technology

The right mobile app developer can not only provide technical expertise in development, but also partner with you to achieve your strategic business objectives and maximize bottom-line results. Always look for a developer who can think beyond code and provide creative input based on the process of development. The good ones know the pulse of clients/customers, as well as what works and what doesn’t on the app store.

Quality comes at a price

Cost of project often depends on the complexities involved. Games are often the most expensive since they involve complex coding. Similarly, apps that require multiple interfaces for different users can turn out to be a complex proposition. Don’t make the cardinal sin of hiring a developer just on the basis of the cheap price quote. The cheapest apps often fulfil just one purpose or provide a single feature. Remember, great product comes at a price. Cheaper rates also signify that developer is cutting corners somewhere. The lowest cost option can turn out to be more expensive in the long run. Think about the costs involved if the app didn’t meet your quality benchmarks or users’ expectations.

Design matters

Mobile app is a perfect amalgamation of looks and functionality. Hire a developer who can travel an extra mile and enhance the usability of your app. Ultimately, everything boils down to how users interact with your app. There is a lot more to app development. App development is not a standalone activity, rather an integrated process which involves UI/UX skills. Remember, intuitive and aesthetically elegant interfaces will take your app a long way.

Culture fit, not culture shock

App development process is all about collaboration. That’s because the best apps aren’t built by one person. If you aspire to build a world-class team, you need more than one ace developer. Individual developer can never be greater than the team. It is not about just identifying a great programmer, but also a great team player. Hire doers. Ultimately, your goal should be to find candidates whose values align with yours. For most organizations, cultural fit is equally important as coding skills.

Not just package and perks

Big companies offer best package and perks in the mobile app development industry. But what motivates the best developer is challenging work. Developers are ready to take risk, simply because they want to see their code in act and make a difference. Don’t just try to woo a developer with money. Talk about job satisfaction. Salaries and stock options aren’t deal makers. The most attractive factor is nature of the work, as well as the community of coders they’ll be associated with.

Find someone you can trust

While you may not know an app developer, you can find someone from your existing network who fits the bill. Utilize your networking skills to identify a mobile app developer with relevant skills and experience to help you review code which is logical and effective.

Let the work speak

The first thing to check out is a mobile app developer’s portfolio or apps they have played an integral role in developing. Check out the UI/UX, as well as the overall functionality of app. It’s important to gauge whether a mobile developer can translate your vision into reality in the app world.

References count

Trying to determine a mobile app developer’s role could turn out to be a very tricky process. There is no better way than speaking directly with candidates’ current and former clients. Checking references will give you an insight into how mobile developer works.

  • Do they adhere to deadlines?
  • Do they work within stipulated budget?
  • Are they reliable?
  • Will they strive to achieve your vision?

Android or iPhone?

What smartphone is the mobile developer using? Yeah. It does matter a lot. Well, if they’re iPhone app developer, they should have an iPhone. If they’re developing Android apps, they should have an Android. But why? Simply because you want to ensure that the developer is in sync with other apps, as well as trends prevailing in the platform. Developer can’t stay aloof and needs to know what others in the industry are coming up with.

Bottom-line results

App could turn out to be a golden opportunity to tap into new revenue streams and set the cash register ringing. Your app could be one of them. With a paid app, a developer needs to concentrate on special features. Whereas, a free app will require integrated ads, in-app purchases, or paid subscription. Whether you are planning a free or paid app, hire a mobile app developer who is experienced enough in building apps that generate a large amount of revenue.

Peer review

Remember, peer rating and review is a sign of confidence in the developer community. There are open source communities, where developers can network, collaborate, and ask questions. When you find a developer who’s both active and well rated in communities, give them more consideration.


This might sound trivial to you but will determine how smooth the project will go. Do they prefer to speak with clients via email or phone call or online chat or in person? And the frequency of communication? The more you communicate with each other the better. Very often how you communicate will determine your app design and functionality requirements during the development process.

App testing & submission

Testing app for quality and user friendliness is the cornerstone of success. Don’t shy away from asking the developer how he or she plans to conduct beta test the app to identify and weed out technical glitches. If bugs are found, how quickly will developer fix them is equally important.

Once the beta-tested version of your app is approved, the last step is for the developer to submit it to an app store for approval. App submission could turn out to be a long, multi-step process. Can your developer successfully navigate through this intricate process?


While some developers have a well-defined payment agreement in place, others don’t. Get a legal agreement in place before the actual work begins. The agreement should clearly define whether you will pay hourly or flat fees.

Wrapping Up

The mobile app development industry is changing at a phenomenal pace. Top talent will always move on take up challenging roles and evolve professionally rather than continue in one place for 10 years. If you think you could cling on to a developer for years, think practically. Today’s millennial generation wants to make a meaningful impact on the world with their work and not just be a part of a sluggish environment. Believe in quick coding and make the best out of them in the time you have.

I have been working as a business development manager at VitebMobileApps with 7+ years of experience in building strategic business relationships with various clients across the globe. I possess substantial background with encompassing and versatile experience in marketing, sales and business development field.

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