Create Custom Logo Using Designevo Free Logo Maker

How to Create a Custom Logo For Your Need?

The logo is one of the essential elements for its own promotional activity. It serves to communicate your corporate or personal identity. Whether you promote your company or need to do ” personal branding,” you need a custom logo. The best way to get a unique logo is to turn to a graphic designer who can collect our ideas and return them through a single image: the logo. But if you don’t have the budget to be able to afford an excellent graphic designer, or if the latter fails to turn our identity into an image, you can use alternative tools to create a custom logo, free or with the least expense. Today we will talk about this.

designevo online logo maker

Create a free logo online

To create a custom logo, we would need very advanced technical skills and excellent creativity. If you know how to use Adobe Illustrator ( Illustrator and not Photoshop ) and you are creative, you will most likely be able to create a free logo that will satisfy you.

There are dozens of online tools to create logos, search on Google with the key ” online tool to create logos.”

But today, without being an affiliate at all, I suggest what I often use: DesignEvo. It is a program to create logos online, so you don’t even need to install anything on your computer. Indeed … DesignEvo can also be used on smartphones.

Of course, the Mac installable version is also available, and the one that can be installed on Windows will soon arrive.

How to design a free logo with Designevo

To create a logo with DesignEvo you will first need to register at After receiving the confirmation e-mail and clicking on the link in it, you will be immediately operational and you can start creating your logo right away.

I state that with Designevo, it is possible to create a logo for free. And for free, I mean without paying. There are also two one-time payment plans, but then we’ll see the differences with the free program.

As soon as you click the Designevo homepage, you will immediately see the inscription: “DesignEvo is a free online logo creator with over 6000 templates that anyone can use to create a unique and compelling logo in minutes”.

To start creating your logo for free, you can click on the ” Make a Free Logo ” button.

designevo free logo maker

In the central body, instead, you can see the logos available for each individual category. The first screen shows you the most popular.

From here we can proceed in two ways:

  • Work on a ready logo
  • Create a custom logo from scratch

Create a logo from scratch

To create a free logo from scratch, we will have to click at the top right, on the DesignEvo screen, on ” Start From Scratch.”

designevo logo from scratch

In this section, we will have an empty area on the right where we will compose the elements taken from the left column, using simple buttons in Word style and moving them from one point to the other with a simple drag to give life to our composition.

On the left column, you will have the commands to change the characters of the text, and to choose the shapes we want, to give shadow effect and to decide the colour of the background, the latter also faded. For each selection, we have commands to improve our logo. Let’s go see them briefly.

We decide the elements of the logo

The search box

In the first section, we find a search box. Here, writing a word in English, we will see the graphic designs appear in the immense database of DesignEvo logos and we will be able to use them.

As you can see I chose one of the wolf shapes available and I enlarged it by merely extending the image from one of the anchor points at the corners of the frame.

In the top bar, I can:

  • Choose the colour of the logo (black ball icon)
  • Reverse the image orientation to the right or left
  • Invert the direction of the image below or above
  • Decrease opacity (magic wand icon)

The Text section

By clicking on Text, in the bar on the left, we will be able to write a text on our logo. Just select one of the available characters to see a text field appear, which we can then customize and place where we like.


Here too, we have additional commands that will allow us to customize our logo further. In order, from left to right, we find:

  • The type of character
  • Font size (where is the number)
  • Font colour (black ball)
  • Character formatting (bold, italic)
  • Transformation of the cast from lowercase to uppercase and vice versa (AA)
  • The magic wand to change the opacity, insert a contour and shading the individual letters
  • The last icon serves to centre the text (right, left, centre), curve it and increase the spacing between the letters

In the section, there is also the possibility to “zoom in” the logo and to make a grid appear to facilitate the correct arrangement of the elements that compose it. Besides, we will also have a small button with which we can automatically arrange the items themselves.

During the arrangement of the elements, we can also take advantage of the help of some alignment guides that in the image below distinguish them because they are coloured with light blue.


Shape section

In the Shape section, we will find many geometric shapes, lines, banners and decorations to apply to our logo.


Just as always, choose one and then work it in size and colour, then use it on our new logo.

Background section

The last section will allow you to give a colour to the background of the logo. The advice I give, if you don’t have different needs, is to set the transparent background, so that later on, you can take advantage of the newly created logo on various types of support, from the web to traditional advertising.


Download our new logo

Well, we can say that our logo is ready. Now we have to download it. We can do it for free thanks to DesignEvo, by clicking on the download button at the top right.

Immediately afterwards, we will see the plans provided by this online tool :

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Plus

If we were to opt for paid plans, know that this is not subject to subscriptions. You pay only for the logo we download and that’s it. The difference between the three methods is that with the Plus, we will have a logo at a higher resolution, complete with a vector file, fonts used for writing, transparent background and copyright. Things we won’t have for the free version. However, if we need the logo to put it only on the site and on social media, for example, the free version will be more than enough.

So click on the free plan.

One step remains: share the logo created with DesignEvo on one of the social networks and insert a link to the platform on your website. I would say that it is a more than legitimate claim (do not be selfish).


Click on Download and enjoy your new logo.

download designevo logo online

I urge you to try the DesignEvo platform, it will be useful in your projects and to promote you, your company or your customers, both on the web and with traditional advertising. If you take the Plus plan, which in all sincerity costs much (but very small) less than a graph, you can have your logo in vector format too so that you can use it on any support and in any size.