The Crucial Ingredients For A Good Website Design

Many people often think that web design is a very simple process. One look at the finished product and they get the feel that anyone can do a good job at it, even when working on a free application. However, web design is indeed a very difficult job since it involves applying important principles to make the website not only visually appealing but also increase its usability as well.

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A good developer will tell you that not incorporating these principles or completing a website design without their implementation may just result in clients being shortchanged since its function will be largely different from what may have been planned originally.

So what are the key ingredients necessary for cooking up the perfect website design? Let us take a look.

Visual consideration

It is very hard to decide whether to have too many or too few visual elements for a website. Some designers tend to play around a little too much with their initial design in a bid to have a sense of ownership. In the bargain, they end up forgetting all about the user. A good web designer needs to pay close attention to user experience and look to take care of the following issues:

  • Help the user to determine what site he/she is visiting
  • Guide and direct the user through the series of steps they need to follow in order to effectively navigate through the site
  • Make use of complimentary or graduated colours in order to inform the user where to look or what to focus on
  • Determine an appropriate size of the design elements so that they stand out and serve as a call-to-action for the users

Proper spacing

There is something known as a “crowding effect” on website design. While users may not be typically aware of this principle, it does not take them long to know one when they come across the same. This effect makes visitors want to bounce out from the website in question as they feel tired simply looking at the tightly-crowded design and text elements. By giving enough space between the texts you can actually bring into play something known as a “visual pause” which allows visitors to not only read the content but actually understand what has been written.

“Where do I go from here?”

When users come and navigate through your website they are all alone. So by easing the navigation process for your site, you automatically extend a welcoming hand to them and also improve the overall user experience. Keep in mind what they are looking for on your site because this will serve as a guide in ensuring that the users are able to find it. To put it in more simpler terms, do not make it too hard for them to find the information that they require without losing track of the path they take on your website.

Complementary fonts

What length, what colour, what size and type- these are only a handful of the choices that designers have to make before they can complete a good web design, and the process is not always a very easy one. The right choice of fonts add up to enhance the overall appeal of the website design thus making the visitor want to stay back for a little longer on your site. It is also important to note the color and font size being presented along with the right amount of spacing that increases the readability and enhances user experience on the website.

Think from the perspective of your user

One principle that you would want to ensure is in place for website design is high usability. While designing your site walk in the shoes of your users and think of the steps they are likely to take in a bid to fetch the right information and eventually buy from you. Look to keep things simple and avoid using tools that do nothing more than just complicate user navigation or obstruct their way in reaching the pages they are actually planning to visit.

Consistency in terms of clarity

Website users get easily attracted to clear and sharp visual images and other similar design elements. This is a sign that the designers have spent sufficient time in selecting the right elements and materials that will please the users- not merely the clients.

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