Make customer satisfaction survey engaging and effective today

Customer Satisfaction Survey Made Effective With Customerthermometer

For any business to grow and sustain today, it is so very important that proper feedback from your customers are taken on a regularly basis. Opinions from your customer regarding your business, product and service can provide useful insights which can help in decision making finally paving a way for smooth business operations. While there are a number of tools available today to ease the process of gaining feedback, most of these tools still come with limitations.

Also, it is very common scenario to see people getting bored filling these feedback surveys as most find them very detailed and time consuming. As a user of various online services, it’s been a very similar story for me too. Detailed customer satisfaction surveys are turnoff for most of us irrespective of the fact that it may be extremely vital for organizations in decision making process.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Using Customerthermometer

Anyways, how to make customer satisfaction surveys appealing and effective in the long run? Well, services like those offered by are solely for the same. is an online service for businesses seeking one click email feedback from their customers. Unlike traditional time consuming feedback surveys filled with 20+ questions, customerthermometer brings an end to the long, boring surveys with 1-click identifiable feedback. Yes, identifiable feedback where you know who is clicking thus reducing the time lag in necessary follow ups.

Features of Customerthermometer

With customerthermometer, you can just sit-back and relax. You will have all essential feedback arriving at your end easy and fast. Customers are sure to enjoy the experience of leaving their feedback as its all very short and precise combined with animated styles and icons.

With customerthermometer, you can create 3 different types of surveys with several customizations. And with real-time reporting, you can collect all essential insights to study customer behavior and take right decision. Below is a brief video overview of the top features seen in

So, that’s it. Try out this new one-click method to survey your customers, it makes long, boring surveys seem pretty old fashioned.