Customize Your Android Homescreen With LINE Launcher App

Lot many apps are available today which let users to customize the look and feel of their Smartphone screen. These apps can be easily found in google play store and apple itunes store. While such apps are available in good numbers, finding out the best one is a tough task. Here is one app which you can check out for the same purpose if you are android user. LINE Launcher is a lesser known but ideally one of the best available apps today for android phone screen customization.

What is LINE Launcher Android App?

LINE launcher is a feature rich app which allows you to customize your android smartphone home screen and background with the theme you choose. You can choose over 3000+ themes which are offered for free. The product is already a big hit in South Korea from where it originates. The app took over no.1 spot very recently beating GO Launcher app, a very similar app.


Features of LINE Launcher Android App

Listed below are some the most important features of LINE app –

  1. Huge support for themes. Currently, the app supports over 3000 themes. More themes are being created for the app.
  2. Enables easy modification of default widget and widget theme function.
  3. Customize everything including font, ringtone and keyboard settings.
  4. Find detailed function for screen rotation, individual icons, folders, etc…
  5. Create backup of settings by copying the home screen.

Well, The LINE Launcher app has reached 5 million downloads and the number is increasing day by day. The app can be downloaded at the Google play store here –

You can follow LINE Launcher on instagram here –

And on Pinterest here –

Check out the app today and give your android phone the look you always wanted!!

* LINE Launcher was earlier named as Dodol Launcher. Dodol Launcher is now rebranded as LINE Launcher.

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