Customize Your Android Lock Screen With Dodol Locker App

This is a follow up of my last post. In my last post, I had discussed about Dodol Launcher, the app for android homescreen customization. Now here is another app which I would like you people to know about if you are an android fan. The app again comes from Dodol and it is called Dodol Locker. 

What is Dodol Locker App?

Dodol Locker is a screen customization app for android phones but unlike homescreen customization, this app allows you to customize the lock screen of your android handset. Yes, using Dodol Locker…you can decorate your android lock screen with the theme you choose. Same as Dodol Launcher, Dodol Locker supports over 1000s of themes which are available for free to download and use.

One more interesting feature of Dodol Locker app is that it also offers security for your android smartphone. The app protects your smartphone from unauthorized access through patterns and PIN numbers. The security settings can be easily enable from Dodol Locker security settings menu. Once these setting are enabled, it is activated automatically.


Well, Dodol Locker is still in the beta stage. The app can be downloaded from google play store here –

I did go through some of the reviews posted for the app and I could make out easily that the app is flawless. Now, it is with you to decide. Download the app today and transform your phone, from head to toe, with the Dodol series..!

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