A lot is being written about Google panda these days. I am still to feel anything in relation with the same. Yes, Panda as being written about deals with some major updates in Google search algorithm. This update is believed to have taken very recently and interestingly, instead of being taken positively, this update has welcomed fair amount of criticism from those affected. Google Panda was designed to push high-quality sites up and demolish low-quality “content farms, and quite rightly, it is believed to be doing the same. So, it surely was a step towards make searching more better and relevant but anyways, with the growing criticism, it is very much clear that it is being seen with flaws at least, from what I have been reading in recent times.
Flurry of questions – Why me? Oh Google, why me? Really?? have arose abruptly and still there is no clear explanation to this whole juggernaut. And just when you had thought, Panda update was almost complete, Panda 2 has knocked in. Yes, Panda 2 is out here and just like its predecessor Google Panda, Panda 2 too is likely to leave the SEO community with worries. It is believed that this recent avatar of the infamous panda update from Google will impact all regional versions of Google. So, as compared to what Google panda did in the beginning, this most latest update will go more broader and will leave severe impacts as far as what experts have to say. Interestingly, this is being cited as lets penalize more people” update and the latest news is that many sites have fallen victim to this update including sites like eHow (the infamous “how to” site), Hub Pages, Review Centre, and Bing’s Ciao. A question can again be raised here – What about the sites which were benefiting earlier? Will they be affected because of the same? Experts say yes. Those sites will shift up in the rankings as articles, reviews and especially for news sites, there will be a major boost in the SERP.
So, slowly but surely….it seems to be happening. Now, how impactful has it been to my blog…I don’t know exactly but seems that my blog is still to be affected from the same. Yes, I didn’t witness any major drop in the traffic and the reason I believe could be very simple – I am not putting anything rubbish on this blog, absolutely nothing like content farms and not to mention, I have always made sure that I am not making use of any black hat SEO tips and tricks to boost my ranking in anyway possible. Quite rightly, I have stayed safe from Panda peril but there are still many who have been badly affected because of the same. There is a growing concern among webmasters to find a way out to this and so, here are some tips that can be followed to stay away from the dangers of Panda update:
  • Never compromise quality with the quantity. Maintain quality throughout your content.
  • Keep irrelevant or bunk content separate from your site.
  • Keep a check on pages that have low visitor performance (e.g., time on site, bounce rate).
  • Have faith in Google’s future updates with Panda.
Also digging further deeper into this issue, I could make a list of all those factors which make a site vulnerable to this Panda Phenomenon. Below is a list of all those factors:
  • Site or Page has a higher bounce rate
  • People spending less time than expected on any site or page
  • Very less percentage of return visits
  • Low click through percentage from Google search results
  • Higher percentage of duplicate content on pages
  • Lack or less amount of quality inbound links to a page or site
  • Less or non-placement of links in social media sites

Well, here you go. The above list should be helpful to anyone who has been facing the negatives of recent Panda update. Addressing above issues should really help you in getting rid of Panda Peril. Please feel free to add more factors in the above list if you see any. You can share them below through your comments.