Hi friends,
I am Dr. Rajesh Moganti, medical student and best friend of Aswani. Aswani has given me an opportunity to share something very important with you. Let me tell you…

I have started a blog when I was 16, at much younger age? Yes, I didn’t know why I was fascinated towards blogging but one thing really touched me. You know what? It is diabetes. My father is a type 2 diabetic and to be honest, I have seen him suffer like anything. He being a school teacher could manage somehow but not everyone whom I knew..

Days went on and luckily I have fared well in my exams and by gods’ grace I am into medical school and then itself I have decided to do something for the betterment of the society. Slowly, I have started a blog on diabetes – www.checkdiabetes.org in the year 2008. I have seen so many diabetes related websites and blogs in the internet world and thought of how my blog can go further… Later, I decided to have my own blog – largest online diabetes blog community.

For this I have invited several doctors, medical students, nurses, diabetes activists, diabetics and most importantly non diabetics.

Why I said most important for non-diabetics means I always support the phrase “ prevention is better than cure” and you will agree with me after reading the below statistics.

“About 200 million people in the world suffer from diabetes. By 2030, the figure is expected to double. The rate at which diabetes has increased in the US is astonishing; in 2008, there were 24 million suffering in the US alone, of which 5.7 million cases were undiagnosed. The greatest increase in diabetic cases is in Asia and Africa, with India possibly having the highest number of cases in the world. With an estimated 35 million diabetics and about 13.5 million undiagnosed cases, India is known as the diabetic capital of the world. The reason for high incidence of diabetes worldwide is attributed to rapid urbanization, obesity, low level of physical activity, stress and genetics.

Finally what want to say you or request you all is to take care of yourself and for that you need to know some basic things about diabetes and its preventive measures. For this you can join my blog as authors to contribute something for this blog community by posting diabetes news, diabetes recipes, diabetes tips, diabetes stories, your experiences, what you know, what troubles you faced and anything related to diabetes.

Now, what if I am an author there ?

The advantages are that you will be getting a link from the about us page special designed for you and you can give a link there (your blog) and picture (avatar) too. And you can also win exciting prizes money and gifts monthly for best news item and best post. You can get much exposure and you can be aware of other readers and make friendship with doctors, medical students and you can clarify your doubts regarding your health and maintain a healthy relationship.

Friends, if you are really interested to join me and reap the benefits then please contact me (email id – mvhs13@gmail.com) – so that I can invite you through blogger.com. Just to let you know, checkdiabetes.org is hosted on Google blogger.com and so it will be very easy for you to manage your posts.

For more details – please spare some of your precious time to visit the about us page.


Dr. Rajesh Moganti
Creator and Administrator