Link Building vs Content Marketing - How to use it for best SEO?

Difference Between Link Building vs Content Marketing

Everyone wants their site to have a high ranking in search engine results, but in order to achieve a page one or two spot, you need to have the right search engine optimization strategy. A lot of companies or site owners get confused about how to best use their resources pertaining to SEO because they do not know whether to go in the direction of link building or content marketing. We can help explain the differences between link building and content marketing, and we can show you how to incorporate both strategies into your overall SEO plan. By having a well-rounded SEO strategy, you can ensure your site is always performing highly on results pages.

Link Building

The goal of link building is to ensure that your site is being linked to by other sites or blogs. These links are either called inbound links or backlinks. There are many ways to achieve these inbound links. You could form relationships with bloggers and influencers within your target market and ensure they are adding inbound links to your site on their pages. You could even allow your blog posts to be reposted onto other, reputable sites. It is also possible to generate backlinks through forum posting, exchanging links, guest posting and commenting on blogs. Here is a deeper guide on how to build backlinks:

Content Marketing

In contrast, content marketing is all about adding reliable and valuable content to your website and ensuring that it is resonating with your target audience. The goal is to drive consumer actions through the content that you are generating. The content can come in many forms – blogs, how-to guides, guest posts, videos, podcasts, white papers, etc. The goal is to not only promote products or services through the content, but to properly engage with the target audience and inform them about related topics or products.

Planning a Strategy

When planning a content marketing or link building strategy, ensure that you have your goals in mind. Link building is a great short-term strategy to boost your site’s performance and increase your position in search engine results pages. But content marketing has long term benefits as it will help establish your site as a rightful authority on a subject.

The best approach is to combine these strategies. You are never going to achieve a top spot on Google results pages consistently if you are only relying on content marketing, or solely on link building. It is when these strategies are working in tandem that you are going to see great results.

Start by crafting a plan. If you are not focused on any strategy right now, we advise that you begin with link building. It will help you understand the world of SEO and provide you with real time results. It allows you to see the fruits of your labor in a short-term way. But do not ignore content marketing. Whether you need outside assistance, or you put together an in-house team, ensure that you are planning out a long term strategy for generating engaging and quality content that your target audience will love.