Differences between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is basically a graphics editor tool to enhance the works of graphics editors. This graphic editing tool revolutionized the scenario of raster graphic editing and is considered as the benchmark of graphic editing. The very literal usage of the term Photoshop as a verb denotes its global popularity and significance. Regular updates in the form of innovative and user friendly ideas help this editing tool to be in the forefront of graphic editing.

adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Similarly, as the name denotes, Adobe Illustrator is another editing tool by Adobe Systems in the form of a graphics editor tool to help graphics editors to produce interactive images. This graphics editor tool is basically software to enhance the interactive aspects of images produced with the help of modern computing. Generally, this graphics editor tool (Adobe Illustrator) is generally considered as a companion tool of the former tool (Adobe Photoshop).

Still, there are several differences between these graphics editor tools and some among the same are mentioned and discussed below. 


Adobe Photoshop, the graphics editor tool, is basically used to make essential changes in images for better visual appeal. But Adobe Illustrator is generally known as software to supplement or support Adobe Photoshop. This may be due to the popularity of Adobe Photoshop and to fix some basic errors within the same. The image created with the help of this graphics editor tool (Adobe Photoshop) is basically known as Raster.

On the other side, Adobe Illustrator discards the usage of pixels but makes use of vector graphics as the basic element of graphic editing. To be specific, measurement related to Mathematical calculation plays the most important role in providing the images/graphic content with accuracy and visual appeal. In the case of Adobe Photoshop, images are formed with the help of pixels (say, square shaped color combinations) to make changes in images or graphical content. But this may not be visually appealing for someone who considers that traditional mode of altering images by brush. To be specific, square shaped group of color pixels may trick human eyes and can hinder human perception of images or graphical content. This may not be a serious problem, but nearer look at an image created or altered with the help of Adobe Photoshop can reveal the pixels.

On the other side, Adobe Illustrator can be used to create larger images with high accuracy. This type of images/graphics can be easily created with the help of Illustrator because vector graphics allows the target image to sustain its basic quality. When an image created with the help of Photoshop is needed to undergo change, its originality will lose because the real image is already altered. To be specific, images created in this graphics editing tool can be most useful and perfect in fixed sizes. But when it is enlarged, pixels will get projected and the visual appeal of the image will suffer. Similarly, this tool is user-friendly because there are several filters to enhance the target image’s visual appeal. Besides, special effects and tools to make essential changes within images is another peculiarity of Adobe Photoshop.

Image size does not represent the quality and visual appeal of an image/graphics with the help of Illustrator in general. One can see that Photoshop is a complete package for a photographer, graphics designer or even a newbie who is interested in graphics editing. To be specific, the person who creates images with the help of Adobe Photoshop can enjoy full control over the end product because he or she can enlarge the image and make essential changes by making use of available tools within this software.

On the other side, modification is a nightmare for those who depend upon Illustrator because provisions for modification are limited within this tool. In short, both the software programs are created for photo/graphics editing, but technical aspects, functioning, output, visual appeal etc are different.

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