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Digibank by DBS – The Best Digital Only Account

Imagine creating your bank account in India without being subjected to a lengthy process. Gosh!! In India, paperwork is simply unavoidable in most circumstances, especially when there is a need to create a bank account.

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The digibank app offers you a hassle free, completely downloadable bank account. Digibank comes from DBS, Singapore’s best, Asia’s safest bank offering trusted, hassle free & rewarding banking facility for the users. In fact, Digibank is India’s first “Digital only bank”. It has clear advantages as far as the other banking apps are concerned. Having been using the same from last few days, I have simply been blown away by the features offered in the app. There is a lot to talk about the app but let me focus on the major features of the app. All these is based on my overall experience with the app which till date has been amazing!!

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  1. Digibank offers virtual debit card experience. Yes, you can use Digibank as a virtual debit card which can be easily enabled/ disabled as per your convenience. The virtual debit card can be used for any type of online payment. Cool…Isn’t it?
  2. Say goodbye to OTP codes. Yes with Digibank, OTP is a now a thing of the past. All because of the the state-of-the-art safety technology which surpasses OTP technology.
  3. Find immediate and relevant answers to all your queries with the Digibank 24×7 Virtual Assistant. The virtual assistant is powered by artificial intelligence which is extremely good at interpreting things and providing sensible info.
  4. The Budget Optimizer is another highlight of the app. It lets you budget, track expenses, analyse purchasing patterns and even provides actionable advice by understanding your behaviour and preferences.
  5. Digbank also enables you to link goal based recurring deposits from the app. A very useful feature if you are really money conscious.

The above features are some of the most remarkable features of Digibank, clearly beating similar other applications in the given department. While features are worth nothing in Digibank, let’s look at where exactly Digibank excels when it comes to other similar banking applications.

Say if we see Kotal 811, you have the maximum limit set to 1 Lakh whereas there is no such limit with Digibank app. You can go beyond lakhs and more. I tried installing and setting up both apps- digibank was functional in just 90 seconds whereas Kotak 811 took closer to 5 minutes.

With Digibank, paperwork is a thing of the past. There is absolutely no paperwork required with Digibank.
Hidden charges and fees are common with other similar apps but with Digibank, you don’t have to bear any charge.
And once you convert to Digibank savings account, you enjoy additional benefits as listed below:

  • High returns with 7% interest from Rs. 1 compared to just 6% on Kotak 811
  • No minimum balance required
  • Zero maintenance fees
  • Unlimited, free ATM withdrawals at any bank ATM- this is chargable on Kotak 811 along with charges on cash deposits
  • Better cashbacks and offers

Well, above listed are some of the obvious benefits of having Digibank savings account. I do not see any reason why users shouldn’t go for it. The other similar apps may also serve our purpose but what if we could all the best banking features along with bulletproof security. Most of the other similar banking apps in India are good enough to use but most users are still bogged down by the security concerns which is where Digibank excels. And with absolutely no paperwork required, Digibank stands as a clear winner amongst its counterparts,. Check it out today!

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