Digital Technology Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Digital Technology Trends to Embrace for Successful 2019

Digital technology allows us a much larger scope to tell stories that were pretty much the grounds of the literary media.

George Lucas

With each passing year, we witness new technologies reaching the shore of the digitized world, and the existing technologies transform themselves to become smarter to compete with these new technologies. This is a never-ending virtuous cycle that will get faster with time.

However, the goal of embracing these technologies remain the same — grabbing your target visitors’ attention and turning them into your loyal customer. The only focus is to keep a hawk-eye on where the attention of these target customers go and change accordingly.
Without beating the bush further, here are a few digital technology trends for the year 2019:

Artificial Intelligence will Continue to Grow

Building general artificial intelligence in a way that helps people meaningfully — I think the word moonshot is an understatement for that.

Sundar Pichai

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world and will continue to do so in the year 2019 too. As per the statistics, personalization play a vital role in 86% of customers’ buying decision. Thus, eCommerce businesses are leveraging upon AI to decode customer behavior and search patterns to create a more personalized experiences for them — forwarding customized discounts or re-engagement emails.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to track subscriber preferences for email, its open rate, and the time they invest upon the content on the website. Using this data, AI can craft a personalized email, while maintaining the individuality that keeps your brand at the top.

The year 2019 will witness AI penetrate in various new segments like banking, accounting, finance, and even teaching. An amalgamation of AI and chatbots can deliver this. Just imagine the possibilities.

Chatbots are Here to Stay and Grow

Bots learn the same way people learn, through progression.


Chatbots are a perfect marketing tool for any business that plays the role of a ‘Virtual Concierge’, thereby helping brands to improve customer service while maintaining the budget. They play a key role in communicating and assisting the users to achieve their goals.

Chatbots are much smarter than humans and are available 24*7 in providing any data-related answers and taking queries. They are known for their personalized service to any customer, at any point in time. This is the reason that 1.4 billion people love to interact with chatbots, hence, 80% of businesses have already integrated or are planning to integrate chatbots in their business strategy by the year 2020.

For instance, Uber successfully uses chatbot technology in its mobile app development strategy to have a conversation with customers. Using this, it becomes easy for users to book a cab from Facebook Messenger, or via Google Maps. Riders get an option to choose the type of ride, send the location to their friends, and even make payment.

Videos will Rise and Shine

Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing efforts.

James Wedmore

Add a video to your email and witness a boost in your click-through rate by 200-300 percent, and put one on a landing page to see an increase in conversion rate by 80%, says the study of Hubspot. Such statistics reveal that video is still on the winning side of digital marketing medium in the year 2019.

This is true because to entertain the short average span of a human (8 seconds), a video is a perfect medium to gain their attention and moreover, most people love to watch a video, rather than reading an entire blog post.

The one medium that falls under the category of video is ‘Live Video.’ It acts as a perfect bridge between target customers and products & services. Mediums like Facebook Live have opened up the doors for marketers to be in the face of their target market.

In today’s time, the popularity of 360-degree video content is on the rise. It allows users to feel a more interactive experience. The perfect example of it is Rome: A Guided City Tour.

Voice Interaction is on Continuous Rise

Virtual Assistant is a skilled asset who organizes your chaos.


Hey Siri, what are some digital technology trends that will rule in 2019?

And you will find that ‘Voice Interaction’ has definitely found its place in that list.

A big thanks to Alexa, Google, Siri, and various other smart devices, voice interaction with devices is on a continuous rise. Talking is the most simple form of interaction, thus, 1/3rd of the 3.5 billion searches made on Google every day are voice searches now, which is expected to rise to half by the year 2020.

Today, machines are transforming themselves really fast with respect to the way users search, shop, and discover new things. The advances put forward in the fields of automation, natural language processing, and machine learning have paved the way for virtual assistants to become super intelligent and useful.

Many big brands have already included voice search in their business marketing strategies with an aim to deliver the content that their target users want. For instance, Domino’s Pizza makes use of voice search technology — allowing customers to order pizzas through Alexa, to increase their sales.

How to Make these Trends Work for Your Business

In the ever-changing, cut-throat landscape of the digitized world, Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ theory benefits perfectly well. And to stand robustly in this competition, it is important for businesses to embrace digital transformation and keep in tune with the digital trends, that changes every year.

However, note that trends can never-ever replace good marketing. The basics remain the same — build your brand; come up with a great story; and deliver authentic, informative content. Be consistent in doing these tasks with a pinch of trending technologies to book a spot of success.

This post has been authored by Alyssa Wolfe, a versatile writer, who brings to the table a quantum of knowledge and informative writing skills. Having an immense experience as an app development specialist, she has a passion to experiment and write about the latest mobile technology trends, website designing & development, and many more.