This is something which I have been thinking from long but haven’t been able to convince myself for the same. Now, do I really need Tablets? Not those medicinal tablets ;) I am talking about the technology which seems to have revolutionized the way we compute. I am not a big technology buff but anyways I still love technology as I feel that it does affect our daily lives in a big way. Talk about your simple mobile phone to the most advanced smartphone, what sets apart these both? The answer I hope is known to all of us. It is all about the technology today and if you are missing it, you are missing a lot..!

Now just a few days back, I was out with my experience on my most recent purchase of Smartphone based on Android Technology. I had covered most of the things which I could and honestly, it has all been a positive experience for me till date. Almost 70% of my online tasks, I am able to complete it using my smartphone. The remaining tasks I am able to complete using my laptop. Now when you have both Smartphone + PC then do you really require anything like Tablets? Yes, what do you think? Everyday I come across with one or the other news on launch of new Tablets, the very popular Android Tablets. Android Tablets have been immensely popular off-late but I still haven’t been able to figure it out on the benefits of the same. Why would I ever require an Android Tablet or say, the so called iPad from Apple? What is the hype about?

For me, my decision to purchase any product is defined by three main factors – usage, benefits and pricing. Apart from the these three factors, there is hardly anything to think over at least, for me. Now, talking on the basis of same factors, starting from the use, yes..I can definitely use the same. Operating any Tablet is just like operating any PC wherein the major difference lies in the interface being provided to input data which is carried out via touchscreen interface. I have become quite used to this touchscreen interface though I still find it uncomfortable as opposed to the conventional typing. Looks nothing more than a style quotient..! So as far as the usage is concerned, I am ok with it. Next comes the benefits, well…it does look benefiting to me but I can enjoy similar benefits on my smartphone as well as my laptop. Moreover, I feel I can do a lot more on my PC than what I actually can do with Tablets. Also, I get this feeling that Tablets have been developed mostly to run cloud based applications as apart from the desktop PC. Running cloud based applications means that I need to have an active internet connection all the time or else I may not be able to make the most of it. Am I right?

iPads or Tablets both fall under the same category though the only difference lies in the branding and the available apps in their online store which is quite better for Apple iPad but not the same for Android Tablets. I also have been through the demos of both Apple iPads and Samsung Android Tablets (Galaxy Tab) and honestly, I was really impressed with both these products. But couldn’t make it sure if anyone should purchase either any of these products for the same reasons as mentioned above. And last but not the least, pricing does matter. Honestly, I find both these products expensive though I agree to the fact that Android tablets are quite cheaper than the Apple iPads. Even, there are cheapest Android Tablets around but again the same question arises plus there is nothing like compromising with the quality and the required features. What say ??

Well whatever one may feel or say, personally I feel that it is more of a style quotient than anything else. Of course, one may benefit from the same when you see iPads or Tablets being ultra-portable and so easy to use and operate. And unlike what I have been reading in recent news, Tablets have slowed down PC Sales, I am yet to find truth in the same and still being gripped with the same dilemma – Should I go for anything like iPad or Tablet…!