Dominating WooCommerce Themes of All Times

WooCommerce is widely known as the most simple and easy to handle online store. Once you are done with setting up a WooCommerce store, your next job is to add some colors and charm to it by using different amazing and highly functional WooCommerce themes available in the market. Webstores outlook and usability is far more important than regular websites because even the colors you are using can convert the customers. If the colors of the web store are confusing for the customers than you are probably at risk of losing sales which is in no way tolerable. Therefore, it is pretty important to research and find the perfect theme for your web store.

WooCommerce Themes

Market is full of WooCommerce themes and you can select anyone from a long list of free and paid themes. In this article, I am going to reveal some extraordinary attractive WooCommerce themes for your web store. These themes vary in nature and they include general themes as well as niche specific themes like those especially made for fashion stores or food web stores. The basic purpose of using niche specific themes in web stores is to decorate web store with a particular niche look and feel for the guests/visitors. This job is done by using high quality yet relevant beautiful images and colors.

One best thing about WooCommerce themes is that you can customize them according to your taste just like you do with WordPress themes. Below is the list of a few best WooCommerce optimized themes for your web store functionality and appearance. These themes will help you in enjoying the extensive features of WooCommerce web store.

1. Shopping


Shopping is often counted among the top free WooCommerce themes in WordPress themes store. This theme is simple yet highly functional in nature. The theme has lots of similar features like Wootique but it holds one major difference. The shopping theme is highly responsive which means you can enjoy a mobile store for no extra cost with this theme. Other exciting features of this include check mark next to every product you add in your cart.

2. Four56 Industry


This theme is the perfect example of converting a general purpose theme into a niche specific theme look and feel with the use of right colors and images. In the demo, developers have given it an industrial view by using lots of yellow color. Yellow color is mainly associated with industrial tools and that is why it looks mechanical. Another amazing feature of this theme is that it comes with product ratings given underneath each product. I really loved the ‘Last chance to buy’ feature of this theme which is available in the navigation menu. I personally like this theme and planning to use it in near future.

3. Alphashopper


Simply Superb! May be this theme also goes over the top but it cannot be matched with those demo sites made by utilizing every available feature and short code. The Alphashopper theme beautifully integrates a simple WordPress theme with amazing WooCommerce features. Do check out the navigation and ‘product choice’ like professional features of this theme. This theme is not a ready to go theme rather you are required to check every element working properly before you take your hands off this theme. However, once you will invest time in this theme, your store would adopt a dramatically professional look.

4. Retro


Retro is again being counted in one of the top rated WordPress theme. The theme offers a fully designed shop with lots of amazing features in hand. The use of colors and styling in this theme leave a superb impact on your store. I really like this theme and I have already used it for few of my clients related to film industry. It’s a versatile theme which enables you to convert your store in any niche. The weak point is its excessive styling which narrows down its use but still I would recommend this theme to you to be added in your shortlist for next web store.

5. Cypress

Planning to go out of conventional trends? If yes, then try out Cypress. This theme will either look fake and annoying to you or you will love the colors and uniqueness offered by this theme. The theme offers a vertical navigation which enables for a one page appearance. Moreover, it also features both a perfect slider and an amazing moving banner. The theme is heavy in nature and you might require doing some optimization for a fast loading experience for visitors. Cypress completely goes over the top and if you are going to show this to your clients, they will go wild to see the functions offered by this exciting theme.

6. Kancing


Kancing is made for photo based themes lovers. Kancing beautifully combines the large products photos with full screen banners and sliders. This style is not only adopted in home page or shopping page styling but all other products pages also follow the same style. This design and styling makes it a perfect WooCommerce theme for web stores.

7. JustShop


I guess this theme was made by hungry developers or at least the images they have used in the construction of this theme are enough to make them hungry. If you are running a restaurant or a cafe then this theme is perfect for your niche. Why? Because it has everything that a restaurant requires, ranging from menu showing slides to other products pictures, everything is about eating, rather I’ll not be wrong if I name it as: An Eating Design. Although this restaurant theme is very limited in use but it’s simply a perfect choice if you are looking for something in food niche. Even if you skip the menu features, still it is an amazing theme with beautiful filters on side.

8. Bazar


Bazar is basically a general purpose theme with a neutral layout and some sharp features like ‘Shop by’ functionality. The product pages in this theme are available with a beautiful integration of contact form. The theme also offers you with different web store short codes, which enable you to add different products sliders with great ease.

9. Flatsome


Flatsome is another general purpose theme that offers lots of layout and style options for the users.

Let’s have a look at a few: Vertical Tabs, Product Look Book or even Pinterest Style.

The theme offers a wide range of style making it possible for you to create several different stores by using this single theme. Don’t be fooled by the fashion images demo because you can use this WooCommerce theme for many different purposes.

10. Wootique

wootique_theme_ woocommerce

Wootique is a default theme that often comes with the WooCommerce plugin. This theme is free for all users and it is pretty good theme for the beginners. I am also using this theme on my WooCommerce demo. The overall functionality of the theme is amazing especially I love the way it displays featured products. If you are planning to take a test tour of WooCommerce and run a simple web store then this theme is enough to meet your requirements.

To put in a nutshell, I would say that: Although the list of WooCommerce themes discussed above is pretty limited but each of them are highly useful showing that how powerful WordPress is when it is combined with WooCommerce. With tricky use of colors, styling and images you can really make your visitors busy in your online store. If you are already running a WooCommerce online store then do share your experience in the comments.

This article was written by Ghufran Arif of SEO Xpert Weebly dedicated for creating such a World Wide Web that’s the most valuable thing in the life of every common man.

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