Delete outlook duplicates using outlook duplicates remover software

Duplicate Remover Software To Delete Outlook Duplicates

An ongoing rise in the busy schedules and heap of work projects have made it difficult for professionals to be at ease with their daily work routine. When these professionals have to deal with some extra and unnecessary task, it is nothing less than a nightmare for them. This unnecessary task can be anything, like migrating your old data or removing duplicate items from your Outlook account.

In this review, we will be talking about a tool that will lessen your burden. In case you are also facing an issue of duplicate items in your Outlook and want to delete Outlook duplicates from PST file, then you need to go for a utility. Outlook Duplicates Remover, a well-known product from the house of MS Outlook Tools, efficiently removes all the duplicate items present in Outlook and that too in a very short span of time.

What is Special about Outlook Duplicate Remover?

Outlook Duplicate Remover, as the name suggests, is designed to remove duplicate items like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. from your Outlook profile. The chances of duplicate items are more likely to arise in the scenario, when the user has migrated some old data to the current profile. This can lead to some contacts or mails, which were present already to get duplicated, post migration. These duplicates occupy unnecessary space in your storage device and in worst case scenario can exceed the size limit of your Outlook PST file. Exceed in size limit ultimately leads to performance issues in Outlook that can decrease your efficiency up to some extent.

Such a problem can only be wiped out by removing the duplicate items from your profile. Duplicates Remover is a sure-shot solution that can help you out in such a situation. In the upcoming sections, we have provided a brief demo of the software, which will help you to get acquainted with the complete functioning of this tool. For this purpose, we downloaded the demo or the trial version from the official website of the organization. Have a look.

Properties At A Glance

DeveloperMS Outlook Tools
FunctionsRemove duplicate items from PST files
PST Type SupportedBoth ANSI and UNICODE PST
Current version1.0
Size2.1 MB
InterfaceGraphical User Interface
MS Outlook installation requiredYes
MS Windows SupportedWindows 8.1 and below versions
Trial versionAvailable for free

Striking Features of Outlook Duplicates Remover

  • Delete Outlook Duplicates From Multiple PST Files

The software gives you the option to remove Outlook duplicates from single as well as multiple PST files. In case you want to terminate Outlook duplicates from a number of PST files, save them in a single folder and add all the PST files at once with Add Folder option. In case you want to add each file one by one or just want to add a single file, select Add File (s) option.

  • Remove Duplicate Outlook emails From Selected Folders

Select the default folders from which you want to delete Outlook duplicates. In case you just want to remove duplicate Outlook emails, then mark the Emails option and do not select the other options. In case you want to get the duplicates removed from all the folders, mark all the folders.

  • Dual Duplicate Options

The software offers dual options to remove or delete Outlook duplicates from PST file. The first option Within Folder (s) remove Outlook emails, contacts, calendar, and all other items from the folders of a single PST file. The second option Across Folder (s) removes duplicates from the corresponding folders of all the PST files that have been added.

  • Status Report

Once the process is finished, the software generates a status report of the duplicate items that have been removed. The items count of deleted duplicate items is shown in the status report, which is in the CSV format.

Different Versions of The Tool

  1. Trial Version

The trial or demo version of the tool can be downloaded from the main website of the organization. The demo version is available for free. This version will only remove only 15 duplicate items from each folder of the PST file.

  1. License Version

The license version of Outlook Duplicate Remover can be purchased from the official website of the organization. The version does not put a restriction on the number of duplicate items that can be terminated from a single or multiple PST files.


  • Remove duplicates from multiple PST files.
  • Remove duplicates from ANSI and UNICODE PST Files.
  • Duplicates removal from selected folders.
  • Dual options to remove the duplicate items.


In case you want to terminate duplicate items of a particular amount of time then you may face disappointment. Outlook Duplicate Remover does not offer any option to remove duplicates items lying in a particular date range.


On the basis of overall performance and features of the tool, the software can be rated as 9.8/10. The software is capable to quickly delete Outlook duplicates within a few clicks. Although the tool does not remove, duplicates from a particular data range but it does remove duplicates from selective folders as per the need of the user. It is a complete utility that comes from trustworthy sources.