Is It Easy To Get Free Instagram Followers?

Earlier it was Facebook. Then Pinterest. And now the current rage is Instagram. Instagram has definitely taken social media by storm. Even I haven’t been able to keep away from the same. I have really enjoyed my presence over there though I have been little bothered about the number of followers I have made in due course of time. Followers is still a secondary thing for me but again if you have to taste success or leave any influence on social media, a lot depends on your followers. The bigger the better always. Bigger here refers to the quantity or say, number of your followers you have.


Gaining followers is neither easy nor tough as per my observation. Lately, I have been witnessing this phenomenon on my account where I have been gaining a good number of followers and suddenly the graph dips. It has been happening on a regular basis and though I am clueless about the same, I can still infer it depends a lot on the niche you are in. And unlike other profiles on instagram which are primarily niche based, I have a completely different approach. Its not a business profile by any means. And so, things are pretty different in such case.

Anyways, let it be a business or any type of profile. Gaining followers is still not a big deal. I have been focusing on the same lately and I have achieved nothing so far, to be very honest. Whatever followers I have made till date have come up organically. Everytime I have shared any new graphic with a good number of hashtags, I have made average 2-3 followers. That has been the story till date. Thinking beyond the same has been pretty restricted but there’s no one to be blamed for the same except me. I was satisfied with whatever I had gained all these days on Instagram. But for how long? Why cannot I have more followers for my account? How is it possible to gain so many followers for others? What is so special with those accounts? Just makes me wonder..!!

After researching for long, I could conclude that most of these accounts are going for paid followers. There is absolutely no other way to gain such massive following. Unless you are in the league of celebrity or any other global star, it is almost impossible to have followers in such whopping number. Buying only method can work in other cases. But is certainly not feasible for everyone. Businesses can manage it anyhow but for a individual like me, it is a matter of concern. And so how to solve this problem forever? Can I still make followers the easy way? Umm…looks tough!!

But it wasn’t. This is what I could make out when I made a simple search in Google with a given key phrase “get free instagram followers” I could see a long list of sites claiming to provide free Instagram followers. I clicked on the first listing, appeared to be very genuine and then on the landing page, I was asked to provide my instagram id to begin getting free instagram followers on my account within a given time frame specified. I also had to complete one survey to make it all successful. And if I made one social media share, I could gain additional 10k followers for FREE!! It looked very lucrative to me. And so, I went ahead following the instructions. It appeared all fine till I found  myself helpless with the survey part which I just couldn’t complete it because of technical issues. But more than a technical issue, it was a logical issue. The survey was very flawed and was actually asking me to pay money. I was also given an option to join or not to join the survey. But everytime I selected not to join, I was continuously prompted to join. This indicated a kind of scam being perpetuated in the name of survey. Gosh!!!

The same thing was experienced on other sites as well as which were advertising themselves as free instagram followers provider. None of the services looked genuine. One of them looked good but again it was offering 10 free followers on a trial basis. For more followers, I had to look for the paid options which ranged from $10 to $300. Not exactly what I have been wishing for. If buying instagram followers is the only option then there are lots and lots of services to check out on the web. Here is one of them which I came across very recently and it sounded very good – I am thinking to give it a try once and see if it works as expected. A free trial package is also being offered for 72 hrs. Not bad…I think!!

Lesson learned – There’s no free lunch in this world. It all about give and take. The same applies with any social media site. Organic followers are the best but the process can be very slow. Paid option can get you instant followers and in a good quantity though the reliability matters. Also, followers need to be targeted but as per my experience, it seldom happens. In the name of paid followers, you have to stick with anything and everything. Not the ideal experience especially if you are in a niche market. Maybe there are few services which provide targeted followers. I am still not sure about it.

How about you? Have you faced anything similar till date? Is it easy for you to get free instagram followers? Or do you find paid option as the only available best option to get massive following on instagram?

Please share your thoughts…