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Newly Released – Easy PDF Converter Tool [Review]

Fresh off the market, a totally new PDF converter has been released and today you will learn what it has to offer. Although there are many PDF conversion tools out there, not all of them are good enough. If you haven’t found your perfect tool for managing PDF files, you should definitely give a chance to this online PDF suite.

First of all, EasyPDF is 100% free and without ads. More importantly, there is no signup process and no email is required. That being said, EasyPDF is completely secure and anonymous. No one can see who uploaded and converted a particular file.

EasyPDF is an-all-in one PDF management tool: PDF converter, PDF creator, PDF merger, compressor and PDF split. You can convert native and scanned files from one format to another, reduce their size, split PDF files into more smaller files or merge PDF files into one.

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What EasyPDF has to offer?

Here are the reasons why you should try EasyPDF in the first place.

  • PDF conversion: you can convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text, AutoCAD, JPG, PNG, GIF.
  • PDF creation: create PDF files from almost any other file type.
  • Convert Image to Word, Excel, Text: extract content from scanned image files.
  • EasyPDF uses the latest OCR technology that has been implemented in all these tools mentioned above.
  • Merge PDF: combine two or more PDF documents into one.
  • Split PDF: divide one PDF file into more different files.
  • Compress PDF: reduce the size of your PDF document.
  • Free, secure and anonymous
  • No email required
  • Fast conversions
  • Converted documents are deleted after six hours
  • Platform independent: works on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Google Drive, Dropbox: Import files from the cloud
  • Behaves as a mobile app: You can visit EasyPDF.com on the mobile browser and use the tools the same way you use them on a desktop computer or a laptop. You can even add the website to the home screen of your mobile phone and have an icon similar to those of mobile apps. To do that, tap on the options menu (three dots) and then on “Add to Home Screen”.
  • The tool is available in other languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Indonesian, Malaysian.
  • You don’t need to install anything on your device

How to Use EasyPDF suite

The only thing that is required to have so you can use EasyPDF tools, is internet connection. As being said, you can open the tool on your computer, laptop or a mobile device. It doesn’t matter what operating system you use, EasyPDF works the same on all devices.

All PDF tools on EasyPDF suite works similar, but here are short guidelines:

How to convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, AutoCAD, JPG, PNG, GIF

Choose the tool depending on the conversion you need. Upload PDF files from your computer, laptop, or if you are visiting EasyPDF from the mobile, upload PDF document stored on your phone. If you want to convert PDF that is stored on your cloud, you can import the file from Google Drive or Dropbox.

pdf to word converter

As shown on the image above, you can click on the blue arrow button to upload PDF from the device or click on other two blue buttons to import files from Dropbox or Google Drive.

The following step is to click on the green button “Convert PDF”. The process is the same for all PDF conversion types mentioned above. If you uploaded the wrong file, click on the trash bin to remove the file.

When the conversion is completed, another green button will appear.

Click on the button “Download your file”. If you want to convert PDF to Word again, click on “Convert another file”, but if you need other types of conversion, go back to the homepage. Have in mind, you need to download the converted file before you close the window, otherwise, the file will be deleted.

How to Create PDF files with EasyPDF

You can use three different tools on EasyPDF suite, to create PDF files: PDF creation, Word to PDF, JPG to PDF. The steps of uploading files are the same, but this time you need to upload a file that is not in PDF format. PDF creation tool creates PDF files from almost any type of file format.

When to use OCR Online tool?

When you first take a look at Easy PDF tools, you may be confused with OCR Online tool. This tool doesn’t convert scanned PDF documents but scanned image files. All other tools we explained above, do convert scanned PDFs. When you upload PDF for conversion, the system will recognize scanned files and thanks to OCR technology, the content of the document will be ready for editing in one of those non PDF formats you chose.

OCR online converts images to Word, Text and Excel. First, upload an image file and choose the preferred output. Then click on “Convert PDF” button and download the file once it is converted.

PDF Merge, Compress and Split

These three tools work a bit different than previous ones. If you want to merge PDF files, you need to upload at least two or more PDF files. You cannot upload two files at the same time. So first upload one PDF, then another and click on “Merge PDFs”. When the merging is completed, you will be able to download the merged files.

Compressing PDF file is easy, upload PDF and click on “Compress PDF”.

To split a PDF, you need to upload it and wait a few seconds. Have in mind, the PDF you want to split needs to have at least two pages. When the file is uploaded, you will see pages of that document laid out. Select the pages you want to split and click on the “Split PDF” button. If you accidentally click on the wrong page, just click again and the selection will be undone. When the PDF is split, you can download the ZIP folder or separate PDF files. For instance, if your file has four pages and you select pages one and three, there will be three documents to download. One document will contain only page two, the other document will contain page four, and the third document will contain pages one and three.

This pretty much covers everything that EasyPDF has to offer. Hope that you like it and that you will find it useful for your daily document management tasks.