Enable Scalable Real-Time Communication Across Devices Using Emitter

Ever felt the need to connect your online device to let them communicate efficiently? And even if you could, what about the cost involved in getting such setup ready? Would you be ready for such high cost? What if you could get a cost effective solution to manage your task?

Yes, now you can with the help of services from Emitter.io. Emitter.io is a cloud based cost-effective real time messaging service for connecting online devices. It all gets possible with publishing subscribing messaging API which offers top speed and security. The real time messaging API works ideally well with web, mobile, gaming, IOT (Internet of Things).

Benefits and Features

If you are into online gaming, emitter.io can handle all your requirements for low latency, binary messages and high throughput with ease and comfort. Internet of things task is simplified by gathering data and controlling and filtering each sensor or thing individually. Talking about real-time web apps, the service allows you to build real-time web apps such as dashboards or analytics with ease. Last but not the least, with emitter.io you can make mobile app shine with responsive user interaction and faster load times.

Emitter.io is built to handle million of messages per second and to scale up horizontally. Plus the service is amazingly fast ensuring reliable, speed-of-light message delivery and high throughput. Messages can be stored for a given period and can be sent to subscribers anytime on demand. Security remains top notch with TLS encryption , binary messages, expirable channel keys and permissions. The protocol used is MQTT which is a standard modern protocol supporting binary messages and message filtering.  Affordability is another plus point for emitter.io. The system is designed to be cost effective for any application type with a generous free tier.

Needless to say, any modern application today needs emitter. The services offered by emitter.io currently looks best in the business though it still is in the early stage. The simple and efficient messaging platform is ideal for all your gaming, IOT and web apps. You can know more about their project on their website. Anyone can signup for the service and begin exploring right away.

Regarding pricing for emitter, once you have made use of free tier, the cost remains moderate. There are no fixed plans as such making it easy to pay only for what you have used. There is absolutely no need to pay anything extra to reserve extra capacity.

Currently, there’s an offer going for new registrants. You can know more about it below.

**Important Note**
The service offered by emitter.io will be free for small to regular sized users and people that register now will get a $500 credit and an additional $500 if they deploy the service within 30 days.

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