Ethical Link Building in the Penguin-Update Era

Link-building once used to be pretty straight forward; but then came along Penguin, and the pleasant dream was over. Now link-building has become quite a difficult task. Ever since the update, link-building has gone through a sea of changes; hence, if you have not yet got used to the new trend, you stand chances of lagging behind. Here are a few tips to help you get a better idea about the new trend.

Not quantity, but quality content

Gone are the days when shortcuts worked in Google ranking. Now, no spam content is entertained by the search engine, in fact, it is penalized by the same. So, if you are trying to copy content from other sites or stuff keywords in order to increase your rank, you may soon find Google coming down upon you with its axe. Similarly, gone are the days when you could manipulate Google into giving you a better rank with ‘anchor text’. If you are planning to do the same now, you may find yourself in trouble, as Google will certainly not look upon it with kindness.

Focus on QS or quality scores

Your character, or rather that of your site is often judged by the character of the sites referring you. So, if you have been collaborating with not-so-good sites, your site too is possibly being looked down upon as the same; after all birds of the same feather flock together. Just like anyone else, Google too will be making the same analysis of you.

To put it simply, do not link with sites that do not have editorial control. Getting links from such sites can be useless, as it does nothing to improve your reputation in front of Google. A good place to find the quality score of a website is Majestic SEO.

Niche blogging

Before Penguin came waltzing in, link-building was easy because all you needed was links from different sites, irrespective of the niche. Now there is no chance of earning brownie points that way, because this is the age of niche blogging. Google, now, demands you to have links from relevant sites. For instance, if you have a site on health and fitness, the backlinks need to be coming from sites dealing in the same niche, not from a technology website. In a nutshell, stick to where you belong. Not only that, Google now cares that most of the links come from a different host and registrar from the other links.

Guest post in quality sites

Guest posting can be a great way of reaching out a wider base of users and in the process, build a good name for your brand. There was a time when you could post content in any site you like without any worries, but now Google prefers you to post in legitimate and trustworthy sites that is looked up to in the web world. Doing so will certainly help you garner better prospects.

No automated link-building

Ethical link-building in the post-penguin era does not allow automated link building. So, in order to be in Google’s good books, you need to turn to manual link-building.

The social media phenomenon

Given the popularity that social networking sites have attained, social media cannot be ignored if you are aiming for online marketing. Being active on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc., can get you great many followers. Hence, creating quality and relevant content in such platforms gives you an edge in the competitive world.

So, if you are building a new site, think of ethical link-building, which is basically a way of marketing your site or brand. Put in links where ever they seem to fit, like in blog posts or forums. Share, pin, like or tweet your content to diversify your link profile. However, keep in mind that you need to be in your niche. Last but not the least, never try to cheat Google, because, sooner or later the search engine giant will catch you.

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