Is there any competition brewing between Facebook and Pinterest? Maybe yes, Maybe no. Facebook as we all know, holds the dominant position in social networking. It is still maintaining the number 1 status and it looks as if it would take something special from its rivals to outshine it if possible ever. The launch of Google+ had earlier raised speculation that facebook days would be numbered but it is far from being real. Honestly, Google+ nowhere near to the facebook. While Google+ may boast of adding 500 million users in the times to come, the interesting thing to consider here is the present activity rate on Google+ which is lowest than any other social networking sites on the web. According to the data released by Comscore, it was found that while users spent average 6-7 hours on facebook between September and January, only 3 minutes average was spent on Google+ which is just unbelievable..!
So, we can certainly rule out any possibility of seeing Google+ taking over facebook in social dominance. Then, who’s next? Well, it is none other than Pinterest. According to The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report released by Experian:
Pinterest is the third most popular U.S. social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter, with traffic up nearly 50% in February 2012 compared to January 2012… The invitation-only site received nearly 21.5 million total visits during the week ending January 28, 2012, almost 30 times the number of total visits versus just six months prior.

The figures above look very impressive. Pinterest is rocking these days and sooner or later, could be a threat to both twitter and facebook. While twitter is unaffected, it is more of a concern to facebook which is determined to retain its position as a King of social networking. It would be interesting to see how facebook goes against Pinterest later if it has to carry on its social dominance forever.

For the moment, let’s talk about friendsheet. I don’t know if you have come across this application or not but like I had stated it earlier in one of my previous posts, friendsheet is yet another addition to Pinterest inspired application but with a touch of facebook. Unlike users of Pinterest who can access the site either using their facebook or twitter account, friendsheet requires facebook login for site access. You cannot access friendsheet if you don’t have facebook account. Also, friendsheet is more or less like a photo sharing application which employs Facebook Connect to turn the photos from your news feed into a Pinterest-style browsing experience. Friendsheet lets you Like, comment, or re-share, click photos to expand them in a light box, or upload your own to be posted to Facebook. You can also see all of your own photos or those tagged of a friend in dedicated pinboards. Below are some screenshots of this friendsheet -

Friendsheet login with facebook credentials
Friendsheet photo browsing
Friendsheet – Upload and share your own pics
Friendsheet with Pinterest type look and feel