The use of high speed internet connection like the broadband system has created many advantages to the users of the internet in transferring information at an exceeding greater speed compared to the olden days of narrow band system. This was made possible by a means with the possession of a high bandwidth ability of the broadband that allows information to be transferred through it at the speed of about 4megbyte per second which means the information that will be transferred in hours by a narrow band now takes seconds or minutes as the case may be to be transferred by a high speed internet. With the amazing features in this technology development it is still regarded by some users of the high speed internet connection that the internet speed they experience is poor. Factors limiting your browsing speed shall be treated below.

Your system may be infected by a virus
A high speed internet communication system can be slowed down in operation when the system in use is infected with a virus and as it is the major function of virus to obstruct the free flow of operation of a computer so also will be a reason for it to obstruct the function of any device used by the computer. The infection of virus in a system can also be done to slow down the processing power of your system and this will automatically give slow response speed of the system and obstructing the utmost power of the bandwidth of your connection.
Excess bandwidth usage
Among the entire factor that limits the expected speed of a high internet connection is this aspect of over use of bandwidth which happens to be unknown to them [the users of internet]. The excessive use of an internet is one major factor to be considered when the internet speed that has been transferring at a greater speed begins to depreciate in speed as some service providers put limitations to the number of bandwidth they give to their customers and when this bandwidth has been exceeded there need to be an automatic degrading in the speed of the internet and this is mostly done either based on some government embargo or either to alert the aware customer.
Incorrect Settings
This is another factor to be looked into in experiencing an undesired network speed of a high bandwidth internet connection. The settings of an internet connection must comply with the settings of your computer in other for it to give you your desired speed. The wrong settings of your computer and the internet will give you relatively slow or no internet connection and this can be corrected by contacting the service provider of your internet connection.
The settings of your computer, wireless router, internet browser and other computer components have a great deal to do when it comes to the speed of your internet connection.
Before making your conclusions ensure you check your computer and internet settings for accuracy, if this isn’t the case then you need to contact your ISP.
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