Five Factors That Will Help You Determine Whether Laser is The Best Solution For You

Lasers were once the preserve of the medical profession. However they are now available for a wide range of uses both in the personal and business sectors. One of the biggest uses for laser technology is a marking tool. Both personal and business items can be stolen and quickly sold on to others; this makes it very difficult to trace many items. However, any item which has a laser engraved marking will retain this marking no matter who it is given or sold too. This makes it very difficult for a thief to sell on the product.

Laser marking has been available for many years. However, previously it was only possible to mark a code onto any item. Laser technology has moved forward significantly since then. It is now possible to create a machine readable code and etch a picture onto any item. There is now no limit as to which products can utilize this technology: jewelry, firearms and even medical equipment can all be secured with a laser marking.

laser marking technology

Laser marking products guarantees uniqueness

It is possible to engrave or etch almost any material and this can now be completed cheaply enough to make it worthwhile for any product. Furthermore, it is possible to mark a product with a non-contact laser; these markings are resistant to heat and are durable in a wide range of scenarios. The whole process is environmentally friendly as no toxic acids, inks or solvents are used.

Laser technology is permanent

Many security markings can be simply washed off. Others will run or fade overtime thus make it difficult to confirm what they are supposed to say.  With laser technology, the markings won’t wear over time any longer, which can be particularly beneficial to those products which must be traced throughout the entire course of their lives.

Laser marking machines are excellent for business

It is vital to choose the best machine you can afford. Different machines offer different service levels and you must ensure your machine will do the job you need it to. Fibre laser marking is one of the best technologies currently on the market; these are the main reasons why:

  • FDA guidelines allow the use of fibre laser marking; it has been approved for use on all medical equipment.
  • Equally these machines are able to etch a mark or picture into any firearm or the components required to make a firearm. This makes it possible to identify any firearm from just one of its component pieces.
  • Graphics can make the difference to how a product looks and how it is viewed by potential customers. Fibre laser marking machines will allow you to add a unique picture which will actually enhance the product rather than ruining the look of a product.

Laser etch

There are many myths concerning the use of lasers for marking. One of which is that the machines cannot be used on certain packaging. This is true but the majority of manufacturers are now aware of this and create product wrapping which can be laser etched. Almost any product can now be wrapped and etched by machine; saving huge amounts of time and reducing security risks.


Laser marking is also incredibly durable, it will not fade over time and can be cut in any direction you require. Even the font can be decided by you in conjunction with your current brand writing format. It is now possible to mark film a multiple number of times simultaneously; this speeds up the laser marking progress even more. Laser marking is very easy to see, regardless of the light available. This has ensured that it is a useful addition to any product.

laser marking

Laser technology comes with a wealth of benefits. In the business environment, it is fundamental because it guarantees that your products are unique. Alternatively, it also helps us in our personal lives because it keeps track of a certain product, thus making the search for a broken piece a lot easier. Laser marking technology shouldn’t be overlooked; it is an excellent method for a company to set itself apart from the competition.

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