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Fixing Computers Online

Computer repairs are important as we depend way too much on technology these days to get our work done. Getting computer fixed timely is the requirement of many people. We have made tremendous advancement in technology in the recent times, and come up with innovative methods to get computers fixed. Online PC fix is one such technique.

As the name suggests, online PC repair is the process of gaining help of an expert through the internet. It is just like onsite PC repair solutions except that support is brought to you, right at your doorsteps. Onsite solutions, although the most conventionally used, have certain drawbacks. Online PC fixing has very efficiently overcome all the shortcomings of onsite solutions.

online pc repair

So let us learn a little about this new trend in PC support.

Remote connection

Since PC support is gained over the internet, it is required of the technician to be able to look into the faulty system so that he can sort the issues virtually. This is accomplished by setting up a remote desktop connection between the user and the technician. Once the connection has been set up, the technician is able to gain virtual access of the computer. This remote desktop connection is a time based session and the user has complete control over it. He can terminate it whenever he wants to and as the support gets over, the remote connection is terminated anyway.

Round the clock availability

Remote PC fix can be availed at any time of the day from anywhere. If you are working on your computer and are faced with a problem, say, in the middle of the night and there are no onsite repair options available, then you can always opt for online PC repair. Online technicians are just a phone call away, ready to commence with online PC fixing at moment’s notice. Some people like to work on their laptops while commuting to work. In case they are faced with a problem with their laptop, they can call the online technicians while commuting to work and have their laptops fixed.

Pocket friendly

Since online PC repair is provided through the internet and no other physical resource is involved they end up costing very little to the customer. Some online vendors do not even charge form their customers if they are not able to fix the issues. Some only charge for providing repair solutions, not for running scan, diagnostics and tests. To make it easier for people who are constantly facing technical issues, provision of availing online subscription packages is also there. So you can avail customized repair packages of your choice as well to make things easy, convenient and cheap for yourself.

Software problems

There is not a single software problem that cannot be sorted using online PC repair. Online technicians are thoroughly trained to assess the problems over the phone call and then provide support through remote and online means. Some of the most common software problems sorted through online PC fixing are:

  • Registry issues.
  • Corruption of operating system and other programs.
  • Nuisance caused by viruses and other malwares.
  • Slowness of speed.
  • Degrading efficiency of computation.
  • Internet connectivity troubleshooting.
  • Device drivers update.
  • Data recovery and backup, password retrieval.

It is very easy to perform troubleshooting and diagnostics once the computer has been connected with the technician using the remote connection. Necessary updates, amends and fixes can be made and problem can be sorted within a matter of minutes.

Hardware issues

If the hardware issue can be sorted by updating or fixing the component’s respective driver or support software, then it’s fine. But it is almost impossible to virtually assess the damage caused to the hardware asset. It requires physical inspection of the component. Many online remote vendors are coming up with “pick and drop” services where they send a repair man to the customer’s home to have a look at the faulty hardware, collect it from them and return it again back to them once it has been fixed. So without leaving the comfort of your home you can get all your computer components fixed, both software and hardware.

Support over phone calls

Providing technical guidance over phone calls is the basic way of providing remote help. Online remote connection is used under grave circumstances when the user is left completely baffled as to what is happening to his computer. Under such circumstances, the remote technician takes control of the faulty computer and starts to perform troubleshooting accordingly. But if the internet connection has been affected by the problem caused to problems (such as virus intrusion), then other means such as telephonic guidance are used. Training of remote technicians includes thorough assessment of the problem over phone calls and then guiding the customers accordingly.

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