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Flexclip – Free Online Video Maker

When it comes to creating and editing videos, you can find ‘n’ number of tools for the same on the internet. A lot of good video making tools I know come with a good price tag making it really difficult to consider them for my projects. Even if you are able to find some free good video makers, you miss out with the essential features and moreover, what you really miss is a feature to add your own personal branding which is so very important in any video marketing campaign.

Video made easy with Flexclip

flexclip online video maker
Flexclip – Free Online Video Maker

Anyways, today we will discuss about Flexclip, a free online video maker. Flexclip is a simple, easy to use and flexible video maker tool which can be used to create marketing videos and family stories in minutes. You can use this free tool to create commercial videos, any type of promotional video to highlight your business. Also, you can create custom video stories to highlight stories from your life. In short, you can create magnificent lifestyle videos.

Flexclip Features

  • Completely free
  • Easy to use and clean storyboard
  • Support many photo and video formats
  • Flexible editing features like trim, split, add text(animations), music, watermark, etc.
  • Export videos with high resolutions

Below is a sample video created at

As you can see above, the video is very simple. I have tried using all available features but there are few things which I haven’t used like adding music to the video, using voice over effect. Though I had tried using it just to check if it really worked. I wasn’t disappointed. The voice over effect is really cool feature. Since I had no video script ready, I decide not to include it with the final video. I will definitely use voice over effect with my future videos.

Now, if you are really looking to learn about how to use flexclip, here is a very good tutorial on the same – is currently in beta version. The service is likely to improve in near future. Currently the service is good for creating simple videos. Not so effective for creating advanced videos. Hopefully it should get better with time.

Apart from accessing the service at, you can also access the desktop version of the same. You can download the Flexclip software for Windows here The desktop version is a paid one though the features offered are quite similar to what you get at

Anyways, enough said. It is now for you to have your say about the software. Check it out today –