Use the All-in-one Graphic Tool FotoJet to Make Your Art Works

The all-in-one graphic tool FotoJet are made by collage maker, photo designer and photo editor. It helps you make all kinds of collage, edit your photo, design poster, flyer, Facebook cover and etc. FotoJet is a very useful and it is very easy to use it, you can finish your work within a few minutes, what you need to do is just a few clicks and drag.

Try it here:

Collage maker

Collage maker has four parts: classic collage, creative collage, Misc, and photo card. You can choose any one to use at your will. No matter which one you like or need, try it out at ease. Now, let’s make a creative collage with fotojet collage maker.

Click any picture below creative collage, take 3D for example. Here are many templates you can use, drag the bar on the right side of the templates list, you can have a quick preview of all these templates. Just click the one you like, then you can start you add your photos in.

There are two ways to upload your photo, from your computer or from Facebook. Just try it.

You can add some text and clipart to your collage, and the text can make your collage more meaningful if you want to send them to your families or friends. You can change the size, position and color of text and clipart and still change their opacity to make them look like watermarks. You can add outline and glow to beautify your text if you like. There plenty of text and clipart you can use, the clipart divided into different kinds, you can find the one you need by the kind it belonging, I believe you must find some ones you like or need among so many clipart.

At last, you can change the background of the collage. You have two ways to replace it, you can use these sample background images on the BKGround list, or you can upload your own beautiful or suitable image and make it your collage background. All the sample backgrounds here are very simple and beautiful, just preview and choose one to use. Click the one you like it ok.

FotoJet designer

Here are plenty of things you can do with FotoJet designer. You can make poster, flyer, Facebook cover and so on. Try the ones you like, and you will finish your work in a very short time.

Let’s make a Facebook cover. Click the picture named Facebook cover and you can make yours. There are a large number of samples Facebook covers provided, you can make a quick preview on the left list before you decide and click one to use. All the samples are with match images and text, and can be used directly after some slight adjustments. You can also use your own photos or images to replace them, here are three ways to upload images, from your computer or Facebook, or you can search image from internet to use.

Add text and clipart at your will. If you need some text or clipart to make your Facebook cover looks different, you can just move your mouse to text and clipart. You can add them just like in collage maker. What different is that there are three ways for your to add clipart, another way is you can search clipart from internet, here you are more free to add all kinds of clipart you need. Just type the words you want to search and there will be plenty of clipart waiting for you to use. Of course, you can delete the text and clipart which are already on the sample templates if you think they are not very match with your style or any reasons.

Also, you can still change its background. I think you must get how to replace it, so just move mouse to BKGround and have a nice try.

Hope you can like this simple tool to make you all kinds of social platform banner, poster, invitation and etc.

Photo editor

Editor is a much more powerful tool which is newly added to FotoJet, you can make your common photos into art works so as to make up for the shortage that made when you take the photos. So not matter you are a graphic artist or not, FotoJet can help you look professional.

First, you can give some edit to your photo. You can use Auto enhance to simply make your photo looks more pretty. Just click the Auto enhance button is enough. At the same time you can crop, resize, and rotate your photo and adjust its exposure and color. What’s more you are allowed to sharpen, vignette, focus, color splash your photo. All these options can be applied just by click the Apply button after you adjust these options to the condition you like or want.

Then, you can add wonderful effects to your photo. Editor provides users plenty kinds of effects, such as black & white, sepia, vintage, chromatic, lomo, old photo and scene. You can use them just by click the one you like and give it slight adjustment by drag some bars. Each effect has its own characteristic, you can make a preview on your photo by click them one by one, after that choose the one you like most and click Apply button to save your effect.

You can still add text and clipart to it.

What’s more, you can add overlay to your photo. This makes your photo looks dreamful and wonderful. Make a preview by click every one and the click apply after you decide which you want to use. Of course, you can adjust its intensity and change its blend mode.

Now, add a frame to your photo and all the options of editor are used. You can add one from border, shadow, classic, polaraid, edge, modern film or grunge. You can try them all out if you are not hurry to finish your work. You are still allowed to adjust its thickness, border color and background color.

Have you attracted by these powerful options? If so, what are you waiting for? Come and have a try yourself –