Read Netscape Email Data With Attachments With Free Netscape Reader

In present era, an email is most important because it creates a reliable, fast form of communication that is free and easily accessible. To use email service there are many email application is available in the online market.

In all these one of the most common application are present i.e. Netscape. It is a powerful email app supported by two web browsers AOL and Netscape Navigators. And you can manage multiple email accounts with Netscape and could also subscribe for newsgroups. There are several advance functions such as: password manager, advance message search, instant manager, filtering options etc. available with this email application.

This is popular email client, especially at investigation point of view. This email app is supported well with secure socket layer protocol to secure the online communication; and it is a part of several cyber-crimes and thus investigators really need to interrogate its data files. Netscape email app belongs to Mozilla family. Additionally, this file format also recognized as UNIX format as it was previously developed for UNIX. This email client is important program in context of investigation.

Now come to know about- What is the pros and cons of Netscape email application. Which all are discussed below


  • Server usually provide some kind of backup utility
  • Instantly access messages from several computers or mobile devices at different locations by making use of different email application


  • With partial bandwidth, restoring long messages can be lengthy, unless the email application cashes a local copy.
  • Privacy concern is there as email messages that stay on the server at every times have more probability to be carelessly accessed by IT personnel unless nonstop encryption is used.

As Netscape is used by many users but sometimes it’s corrupted badly and due to this reason user faced many problem such as: They can’t able to read their data which are saved in Netscape email application.

To resolve this issue among many users a tool is designed i.e. Netscape Email Reader. It is one of the easy and standalone platform to read, view and open Netscape emails.

netscape viewer

Now come to the additional functions of Netscape File Reader which are mentioned below:

To view Netscape File Free

The software helps to read, view and open Netscape file free of any charge. You can find it here which will effectively help you in many ways. It is easy and fast to use and portable too and if you need saving options then pro edition is also available in online market that is capable to migrate Netscape emails into different files formats without any data loss.

Capable to view corrupt/damaged files

The application is designed with many advance features, so with the help of this reader you can also able to open damaged or Corrupted files. This option is very helpful and useful for all those users who are looking for the perfect opener to read, open and explore damaged Netscape file.

Open multiple Netscape files

The Netscape file Viewer will allow you to browse multiple files and will allow to read Netscape file free or without investing money to the software. The tool is capable to read unlimited email messages without Netscape email client dependency.

No file size limitation

Additionally, it will accept any size of Netscape file, there is no limitation of acceptable size. You can open emails easily of any file size. It is lab tested software with 20 GB database files so most of users recommend this application to read mailboxes.

No need of email application installation

It doesn’t require Netscape email application to be installed in your machine. Means it will work independently without any trouble as it is standalone software that works without email client dependency.

Windows based application

This freeware tool will run on any edition of the Windows OS. By using this option you can able to view unlimited files in any Windows platform such as: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and all the other edition.

A free Netscape file reader perform quick access to unreadable Netscape email files with accurate result and complete content. It is not only scans the system to extract the mails but also show the preview of Netscape email messages with exact formatting as well as metadata properties. It also contains easy graphical user interface that makes the work easy and stress free for all users. It maintains folder and subfolder structure during open mailboxes.

Now come to the working process of Netscape Explorer

  • At first, Run Netscape mail reader, it is able to load Netscape email folders in software panel automatically.
  • Now, select email folder to load Netscape webmail
  • Here, select particular email file to read information including mail attachment as well as components
  • Search option also available to view any particular email or component

Final judgment on the application

As all know that different users may have different point of views to express about the tool but considering the advance functions and high performance of the tool, I can say that it is perfect solution for all the users to read Netscape mail files. Moreover, it is developed with easy user interface so that all the non-technical users can effectively works with it.  And its minimum system requirement speedy performance makes it powerful for normal users.

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