guest post by Saksham Talwar
The blogosphere has become a hive of activity with people from all walks of life buzzing to get their voices heard. Some are in it to make money online, others use the medium as a marketing or networking tool, and others do it purely out of passion. For many individuals blogging has evolved into a full-time career and the income they earn is their primary source of funds.
If you view blogging as a lucrative career path and if you are contemplating a career in blogging there are a few fundamental elements you should consider before taking the bold leap into the blogosphere.
Commitment to the cause
One of the core ingredients to blogging success is your level of commitment and dedication. No matter what endeavour you pursue in life your level of commitment is what will ultimately determine your rate of success. This universal truth is central to blogging success! Dedication on the whole requires an investment of time – you will have to sacrifice your time to establish yourself and your blog as an authority.
Besides sacrificing your time you will also have to part with your money to grow your blogging business – capital investment is integral to the growth of any business. However, the amount of funds you invest initially will be fractional compared to what a conventional offline business requires.
Propelled by Passion
Passion is like the steam that propels a steam-powered train – it provides the impetus to continue toward a focused destination. Blogging without passion is like driving a vehicle on an empty tank – you not going to get very far! The niche market you chose to blog in needs to synchronize with your life interests, if it does not, you will find that your desire to maintain your blog becomes more of a chore and the overall level of commitment subsides.
Blogging is hard work, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Passion in your work is what is needed to drive you when challenges and obstacles pummel you from all sides. And there will certainly be challenges before success is reaped in the blogosphere.
How Do You Eat An Elephant?

One bite at a time!
This sounds disgusting doesn’t it, but this phrase paints the picture of what can be achieved through consistency. Blogs that have thousands of articles published didn’t always contain that much content; it all began with one article. Through consistency high rise buildings are built, walls that can be viewed from outer-space are constructed and impossible goals become a reality.
Consistency as a blogger is an element that will see your blog grow progressively, and sure there will be rainy days when work isn’t possible, and that is okay. But constant consistency ensures forward growth instead of stagnation.
Who and What Are You Serving?
Many bloggers who start blogging for money focus on the reward rather than on the source of the reward – their readers. Market research and studying consumer behavior is a fundamental element of marketing as a whole. Data compiled on the end-user is what provides the information to help you serve the needs of your readers adequately. The entire economy in the capitalist market is ruled by demand and supply, and if you do not know what your readers want you will not supply their needs sufficiently.
If you are serving pork roast to a crowd of vegetarians you will not be well liked. To serve your readers the right dish you will need to saturate yourself in your chosen market and keep up to speed with trends and shifts in trends.
Blogging as a career path offers so many rewards on so many different levels, but success is ultimately determined by what you put in. If you chose to follow this route you should treat the initiative as a business from the outset.   
Saksham Talwar is a part time online entrepreneur and marketer. He likes writing at his coupons site where he shares Network Solutions promo codes and 123 inkjets coupon codes codes.