Gamer Connect Event 2018 – Exploring Major Gaming Brands

Recently I had a chance to attend a gaming event at my place. Yes, it was the first ever such event at our place. Popularly known as Gamer Connect, the event is said to be one of the biggest gamer events in India. The event is held in top cities of India especially metros. But the trend seems to be changing these days with these events now being held in smaller cities like Indore. Had it not been a phone call from one of the event representatives, I would have never ever come to know about the event.

Lucky me!! I got a call from the representative who shared event details with me and requested me to join the event. I accepted it without any problem though I must admit I am not a hardcore gamer. I enjoy playing games on my PC especially FIFA. But its been a long time I played any new game.

Gamer Connect is an initiative by NVIDIA in partnership with Dell, LG, Zotac and Corsair, that started in 2016 with the sole objective of bringing gamers together in with major gaming brands. Gamer Connect is the only and largest Gaming technology showcase platform in India. Till date it has been executed as 10 large events across major cities of India connecting to more than 20K+ Gamers giving them the first-hand gaming experiences.

The turnout at recently held Gamer Connect, Indore was 2400 gamers and 17 games were on display. The next Gamer Connect will be held in Coimbatore in October 2018. And then final event for the year 2018 will be held in Dec 2018 in Bangalore. You can find more info here –

At Gamer Connect gamers can experience the latest technologies like 4K Gaming, Virtual Reality, Popular AAA Games & Gaming hardware under one roof.

Below are the glimpses of the Gamer Connect event which I attended recently

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