What Are The Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards?

One of the ways by which Amazon actually retains its customers is by giving out Gift Cards which can be used in different times while purchasing different things from their website. You can use these cards multiple times as per your convenience and needs. The gift cards can be used to get discounts on multiple purchases. The Gift Card system has proved to be Amazons biggest success and has helped them to retain thousands of customers.

Now for all those who do not know Amazon and what free Amazon Gift Cards means, here is some information that may help you out. Amazon is the name of an online store where you can get anything to everything that is buy-able in the markets; this is one of the world’s biggest online stores where millions of people buy millions of things online every single year.

amazon gift card

When they say Amazon Gift cards then they simply mean gift vouchers that are redeemable for multiple purchases. Now comes the question as to where can you find these Amazon Gift cards. Generally, we can get amazon gift cards by mobile apps, online rewards, cashback methods or trade-in methods.

Amazon’s gift cards come in various categories, designs and prizes and there are lot of things you can do with it. Amazon gift cards do not bear any purchase or dormancy fees like visa gift cards, which is one more advantage of using Amazon Gift cards.

Here are the top 5 Ways to get free Amazon Gift Cards

Although there are a lot of ways by which you can get Amazon Gift Cards easily free of cost and here are the top 5 Ways to get free Amazon Gift Cards.

You can get it directly from Amazon at times

Amazon itself also gives out these free gift cards on certain bulk purchases to its customers. There are some selected products on which this offer is there and if you are lucky enough then you can get a good Gift Card using which you can use these discounts. Shop with the right credit card to get the free gift card.

When you make big purchases from Amazon or continue purchasing from them then they give out these cards to the customers so that they continue purchasing more and more purchases from them. This is the easiest way to get an Amazon gift card.

There are some clubs that are partners of Amazon

There are some very famous clubs that have a tie-up with Amazon and as a royalty Amazon gives them these Gift Cards. So if you are a member of a club which has a tie-up with Amazon you may actually get a gift card from the club and use them.

What happens is that when there are big events and these clubs buy a lot of things from Amazon and they get these Gift Cards directly from Amazon that is at times given to the members of the club as well.

From a Friend or Relative who is going abroad

One of the terms and conditions that these gift cards work on is that they will work only within the boundaries of the country that you are purchasing them from.

Say suppose you got a gift card from Amazon India then you can use it for purchase that you do within the county borders only, you cannot use it for purchases in Singapore. So in case if a friend of yours is leaving the country then you can get a free card from them as well.

You can get them from certain websites and apps

There are certain websites and apps where you can actually get these free gift cards from. Some of these websites are survey companies, GPT (Get Paid To), search engines.But please make sure that the websites from where you are getting these free gift cards are genuine ones and you can actually use these gift cards in future to redeem the amount that you spend on purchases.

There are quite a few websites where you actually get free Amazon gift cards and in case if the website asks you any money to provide you a gift card or code they are surely not genuine because if you want to buy them then why not buy directly from  Amazon.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is a really big company so it has branches and sub-branches all across the globe. So you need to get in touch with the Amazon Associates who actually sell their products using Amazon websites. Now what happens here is that as they are using the services of Amazon for selling their products Amazon gets sales and profits as well, now as a token of appreciation Amazon gives out these Gift Cards to them. When website owners and bloggers who are associates create links and customers click through those links and buy products from Amazon, they earn referral fees. It’s free to join and easy to use.

So if you actually want a free gift card you can either become an Amazon Associate and sell things through them to get these cards or else you can also get in touch with an Amazon Associate and get the cards from them.

The Advantages of using these Amazon Gift Cards

Who on earth will not like discounts when they are purchasing things, everyone would love such things. So the biggest advantage of using Amazon Gift Cards is that you get a discount on the rates of products that are already low on the website and more over when you use such gift card then you pay even less.

Then another advantage of these cards comes when it is off season for some products and the rates are pretty near to the MRP you can actually use these awesome Amazon gift coupons so that you get further discounts.

One of the benefits of using a gift card is the fact that you don’t need to make use of other means of payment since you’ve already paid it forward. A gift card offers one some discount on future purchases.

One more advantage of using an Amazon gift card is it never expires and hence, there are no renewal or holding fees.

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