Should I Get A Native Mobile App For My Website?

A mobile app for my website. Seems to be a good idea but then the biggest question concerning the same – Is it really necessary to have a native app for my website? Can’t we do do without the same? Talking in terms of this blog, can having a mobile app for this blog or any other blog make a significant impact on the readership and engagement? Are there any long term benefits associated with the same? These and more questions have been bothering me in recent times. And the reason is very genuine. The world is going mobile and somehow I feel I am lagging behind. Mobile Apps have become a recent rage. There’s an app for almost anything today and so, I believe having a native mobile app for a website isn’t a big deal. Infact, anyone can create an app for his website provided he or she is able to find right resources for the same. One can scan through several online services today which makes it pretty easy for anyone to have its own mobile app ready within minutes.


Mobile App For Responsive Website

A mobile application for a responsive website. When your site is already responsive why to bother about a native mobile application. Makes sense…Isn’t it? Leaving a very few sites, most of the sites today have moved to the responsive technology where no matter from which device you are accessing the site, it shows up well without any issue as such. Simply type in the url in the app browser and you can find your site load easy in seconds. Page load time may increase sometimes owing to some technical issues. But in most cases, the site shows up well and fast. This has been my observation with most of the responsive sites. I have hardly noticed any speed issues though little design issues have cropped up at times. Those issues can be easily fixed up by a web developer.

Anyways, lets get back to our concern. A user can view a responsive site easily on his mobile device with the preloaded app browser. The same thing is possible with a native mobile app. So, what exactly is the difference and where actually is the problem? Well, there are no problems as such but it is all about the ease of use and some sure benefits. The native app has certain benefits over the responsive websites:

  1. The native app offers fastest, reliable and most responsive experience to the users.
  2. The scope of the device increases with the usage of camera, microphone, compass, accelerometer and swipe gestures.
  3. Push notifications is another major advantage with mobile apps. With this feature, you can easily automate and send alerts to users to increase engagement on published content. You can use this feature to keep audience coming again and again for more content.
  4. Needless to say, popularity of mobile apps have rose like anything and so it would be utterly foolish not to tap this technology for obvious benefits.

Going for a native mobile app can surely be delight for your users. But wait!! It is easier said than done. Native App has one big drawback. While it is designed to work with a particular ecosystem, the same thing cannot work with other kind of devices or other ecosystems. So, here lies one major issue.


You have to consider creating apps for multiple ecosystems which can be very expensive and time consuming. You would require separate coders with desired expertise to get things done in time. It is not impossible anyways if you have the right budget. If budget is not a constraint, go ahead and leave your users with the best experience. You can have your Android and iOS app built with the best user experience. Awesome deal…Isn’t it?

Native App or Web App

Contrary to the native app, Web app is like any other app where users can run a mobile optimized version of the site. The mobile version of the site gets loaded within a browser just like safari or chrome. There is no need to install a web app and also there is no need to have space on your mobile device.

Web app is a good choice for those seeking a simple and easy way to browse their site. Also, it is cost effective being hardware independent. Though web apps have benefits over native apps, there are still limitations with the same. For web apps to work efficiently, internet connection is a must. Also, web apps are generally slow to load and are often less intuitive.

Another biggest drawback with web apps is the lack of push notifications. Unlike native apps, web apps do not let you send notifications to the users. So the engagement level is poor. To say atleast, it gets extremely difficult to keep audience engaged. Another important drawback is seen with the download thing. While most of the apps available today can be easily downloaded from the Android or iOS store, web apps fail to make use of this feature and so go unnoticed from the potential users. In other words, you lose one major source of getting targeted downloads for your product/service.

Well, the pros seems to be more than cons. Mobile app for your website is not a bad idea eventually. If you are serious about tapping one powerful method of traffic generation and branding then you should considering investing in a mobile app. This is especially true for online businesses which are vying for broad reach and improved branding.

Now, a question can be raised here again – How to get a mobile app created for my website? How to convert my website into a mobile app? Well, simply make a search for the same in google or any other search engine, you will find a list of services for the same. You can visit these services one by one, study them and finally make an inquiry regarding the desired mobile app for your website. As most of theses services come up with flexible pricing, it shouldn’t be too tough for you decide what is the best for you. Plus most of these service come up with a ready made solution which makes creating app for your website as easy as 1,2,3… You just need to enter the url of your website in their system and voila….your site gets converted into app instantly!! Great..Isn’t it?

So, here you go. There is no reason not to have a mobile app for your website. Go ahead and convert your website into mobile app today!!