Get print out of your selfies instantly using Prynt phone cases

Do you love to take selfies? Wish you could instantly print your selfies from your phone without attaching it to any complex hardware? Well, you can now and truly smartly. All you require is a phone case and you are ready to go.

Photo printouts from your phone case, seems pretty impossible but not for Prynt. Prynt is a france based startup company which has come up with this exciting innovation. As per Prynt, these phone cases can print selfies from phone in less than a minute. The printing gets possible with an inbuilt printer which is connected to the smartphone via bluetooth. The printer is capable of producing a photo is 50 seconds which is likely to reduce to 30 seconds with the new phone cases.


Also, the current phone cases are can fit only one sheet of paper which would again be upgraded to fit 30 pieces with the future upgrades of the phone case. These phone cases were made for 4 inch devices but the company plans to make models for larger devices such as iPhone 6 and Samsung galaxy devices. The pricing of these cases is set to $99, that looks pretty expensive but again, its value for money. The benefits of using these cases with our mobile devices justify the pricing of these mobile devices.

The cases are still in the trial stage and it would take some more time before it is launched officially in the market. The official launch is expected at the beginning of 2015. Let us wait and watch.

You can know more about these prynt phone cases at the prynt’s website –

The site has a notification form where you can provide your email details. As soon as the product is launched, you would be notified through an email.

Well, I am eagerly waiting for these cases to arrive soon in the market. What about you?

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