Tonnes of articles related to traffic building can be found on web today. No doubt, simply blogging and expecting miracles never pays. Traffic does not build by itself. You really have to work for it. I suppose we bloggers do realize the same. And this is why we look out for various tips and strategies so that our blogging efforts are paid with right results.

Talking in terms of blog onpage SEO, I must say that Google blogger does not provide you with much options for the same. It is never easy to go for an onpage optimization with my blogger posts and so, traffic building through organic listings does take a backseat. Unlike plugins in wordpress, where you can easily add and edit meta tags, Google Blogger does not provide any such facility or addon thus making it look more complex. Apart from working on the posts title tags and content optimization, there is hardly anything extra which you can do with blogger posts. You can still do much better if you know to play with the code part. You can easily define meta tags for your posts and thus rank better in Google SERPS. Here is a way to add and edit meta tags to your blogger posts. I am yet to apply these hacks and hopefully, I shall be applying it very soon.

Now when it comes to organic listings, Google has been very kind to this blog. But the same never gets shown from Yahoo. I am yet to get at least 2-3 visits from Yahoo in a single day. It has never happened on this blog though I understand that both Google and Yahoo have quite different search algorithms which really makes it complex to rank well in both. I was figuring out the same till I came across this post about getting traffic on blog from Yahoo by Darren Rowse. Darren’s post seemed to be very useful as I could see that getting traffic from yahoo is a big deal and even if you follow his tips like adding RSS feed URL to your MyYahoo page, you don’t make it much or worse, don’t make it at all!

Yahoo SEO Techniques certainly appear different in comparison to Google but as per my findings, it is quite easy to rank in both. The most important factors to remember are to use relevant Meta tags for every single page of your site, include as much content and update your site with new content as often as possible, and update a sitemap both on your website and with the Yahoo sitemaps function. Apart from having meta tags for each post and a sitemap, I am following each and every step so it should have been something if not everything but honestly, it has been nothing for me!

I have tried almost each and everything like I have my blog submitted and authenticated in Yahoo Site Explorer. I have also my feed submitted in the same plus I do have a good amount of inlinks for my site. But I did witness something strange while I was exploring my site in the Yahoo Site Explorer. I could see only 195 indexed pages in the same. This is truly shocking as I have more than 250 post pages in my blog. I could see that the last crawl for my homepage was on 26th of this month but apart from the homepage, the crawl rate for my post pages were far below than expected. More than 100s of my latest post pages were missing in the indexed list. I am totally clueless as I don’t really understand how could those pages be left out. Not to mention, I have been updating my blog with fresh and quality content on a regular basis.

Well, here we go again. I am still not much bothered about Yahoo but there is nothing like ignoring it. I have done everything I could but results have never showed up. Maybe if I had my blog hosted on WordPress, things could have looked different but anyways, have you too been facing the same issue with your blog? Do you get traffic from Yahoo? Does having your blog on wordpress makes the difference? I guess it does…Please share your thoughts..