Mistakes do happen and even if you commit them , you don’t realize it till you are made aware of the same. It happens sometimes but believe me it was not a minor mistake. I must be thankful to all those who have helped me out in dealing  with the issue which has been troubling me from the last few days. It  was all a result of a mistake which I had committed unknowingly and now, I am relieved to be out of the same..!

Now, here is the whole story. Before that, can you just check through the source code of my homepage so as to find the total number of AdSense code on my blog. I know you can even count it without passing through the source. But looking through the source gives actual and correct reading…I have realized it the other day. The whole issue lied with one of my Google ads. Unlike all other ads, I was not seeing my 250×250 google ad clearly on my blog. It was placed on the top right sidebar of the page. The ad was showing clearly in the required format just a week back but then all of a sudden, it was all gone making me clueless.

Initially, I thought it as a temporary bug from Google but I must have been foolish to think so. I tried a lot to get into the depth of the same but somehow, I found myself helpless. And to add to it, I could never ever think of it being a result of any mistake committed from my part which eventually, was my fault. I was using a 250 x 250 banner ad on top right sidebar of the page along with the ad between posts and just 2 days back, I had added one ad on top just below the navigation bar. The ad between posts was enabled from the blogger layout. All ads were placed through blogger default and everything was working fine till I started seeing an error with my 250×250 Google ad on the top right sidebar of the page. The ad just wasn’t appearing the way it should have. You can know more from the screenshot below.

Never have I been so frustrated before because even after trying out each and every thing, it just wasn’t happening. But I couldn’t give up. I need solution badly and this is where I thought of adsense forum. If it was not anywhere else, it was here on the Adsense Forum. I tried finding solution to my problem from related forums, answers but then I was simply wasting my time. So, I thought of starting my own thread by posting my question and I did the same. Below is what I posted -

Hello, I am facing this strange problem with google adsense. I am unable to see my 250×250 google ads clearly on my blog. I just see a small incomplete ad in a rectangular size. I don’t know why. The ad was showing clearly just few days back. But now, it is not visible clearly. And there are some, who are not not seeing any ad there on my blog. My blog is – http://www.aksindiblog.com

Please help me out with this issue. It is really frustrating to see this happen. If you want to see screenshots of the same, I can provide it. No problem.

And then I was waiting for the much needed reply which I got it after 10-15 minutes from a fellow member -

How many ad codes unit do you actually have on your home page? You are allowed a max of THREE (together with 3 xlink units  and 2xsearch boxes).
Any more than three ad units and the rest won’t show (and you risk getting an email from Google as using more than the allowed number is a breach of program policies.) If you strip down your 468 ads to just 2 then the 250 box should appear.

I appreciated his reply but I didn’t find it specific. So, I kept on asking questions till he came out with an answer which shocked the hell out of me -

Sorry, I can’t help because you say there are only three ads on your home page, I’ve checked the page source and there are at least seven ad codes there. Beacuse of that your 250 ad won’t show but maybe someone else who can’t count to more than three can assist :)

7 ad codes ???? I must have been the biggest fool on this earth to have committed such nonsense. Still then , I was not ready to accept it. And he kept on pointing me my mistake…which resulted in so much of confusion. I would better consult any of good blogger friends…which I did and he also pointed out the same thing. Still not believing him, I decided to ask one more of my friends and then he also came up with the same reply. To confirm me about my mistake, he even allowed me to check those codes on his PC through remote access. I did check it and  Gosh…Can you believe it?? I had committed a grave mistake..!! How on earth I allowed 7 adsense ads to run on my homepage and why didn’t I realize all these days ??

I was finally made to accept my mistake which I had committed unknowingly. You are free to say me anything as I deserve it. But honestly, I will tell you what exactly I did. No doubt, initially I had three ad blocks on my blog homepage. But I don’t know how many of you know that I have also been adding 468×60 ad codes on my post pages in the middle of the content. I have been following this strategy from last 6 months and it is completely legal as far as AdSense policies are concerned. But this clever strategy became the root of whole problem which started with 250×250 ad. I know you are allowed to run max 3 Google ads on your web page and I was also following the same. There were only 3 ads running on my homepage but what about all those ads which I had placed them manually for individual posts. I have been adding it all manually and since those ads were visible only while seeing the post pages, it never ever came under my counting for total ads on my web page. Ads being not visible directly created this mess. Had if I went through the source code, things could have been different. I could have stripped off the extra ad codes from my page which I had added to the middle of the content for my last 6-7 posts. Because of these extra ad codes which numbered more than 5, I wasn’t able to see the 250×250 ad display on the top right sidebar…huh!

Now, the issue has been completely solved. I have removed all extra codes from my homepage by deleting the same for my last  6-7 posts and I will be doing the same for older posts too. You cannot find any Google ad in any of my last 6-7 posts. I haven’t removed ads from some of my older posts which I had chosen individually for adding ad code thinking it would allow me to get  much better results through higher better click rate. The ad codes are still there for some older posts and I don’t see any problem as long as the ad count remains max 3 on my web page which is in adherence to Google Adsense Policy…but still then I need to make some quick changes or I am bound to suffer later…looks very likely..!

Well, it can happen to anyone. In my case, it was a complete ignorance from my part. But as I said earlier, it happened unknowingly. I had no such motive to trick Google. I thought it as a smart move without looking into the downside of the same. Glad I am out of the mess now. I have learnt one big lesson – Try out everything but do check for the possible negatives. I could have been banned by Google for breaching their Adsense policy but better late than never, I was quick enough to realize my mistake..credit goes to all those who made me aware of my mistake and then finally correct it…Thank you so much…!!

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