Like it or not but it is here. A sudden but a pleasant change. Two days back, I had come up with a post on how Google+ was lagging behind other popular social sites like facebook and Pinterest. It was made clear through an infographics where we could see people being lazy users of the same with the average amount of time being spent just 3 minutes per month. Seems that Google did take it very seriously and was getting ready for some surprise. And so here it is, a complete makeover of Google+ which has happened all of a sudden. I didn’t notice it till I read one of the status message posted on the facebook regarding this wonderful change…!
Honestly, I have seen people criticizing Google for its dull interface but it shouldn’t be the same now with what I feel is simply fantastic. The new makeover justifies what Google has to say on the same “the new Google plus is more functional and flexible”  Yes…it does look so with a newly created dynamic ribbon of applications on the left which is easily accessible by dragging it up and down or hovering over certain apps to reveal certain actions and even show or hide apps by moving them in and out of More. The new design also displays images larger than before plus now has a conversation “cards” to make it easier for the users to scan and join discussions.
Well, a picture is worth 1000 words. So, why not see it all in the pics. Here are some screenshots of the newly designed Google+ followed by two related videos to let you know better about this change..!
Please do share your thoughts on what you feel about this sudden change from Google..!

user’s profile page on a newly designed Google Plus

The home section of Google Plus

A dedicated hangout now on Google Plus

Circles view

Games on Google Plus