Nowadays, there are many providers who offer online backup solutions. All these providers differ significantly in terms of capacity, capability, security and price. If you are a first timer looking for an online backup provider, or if you are considering changing suppliers, the following are some guidelines which will help you make a decision.

1. Research

Before taking any other, you should first make sure you understand your needs. Learn the major terminologies used in data backup. This will enable you to communicate better with the providers you are considering. Compile a list of the leading online backup providers. Find out what is being said about them in independent reviews, as well as in forums.

2. Reliability

Some online backup providers give many promises to convince people to purchase their product. However, many are not able to deliver those promises. Before signing up for any online backup solution, make sure it is reliable. What technology does the solution use? Are there testimonials from satisfied customers? Do everything possible to confirm if their promises are justified.

3. Free trials

Before purchasing any solution, request for a free trial. Most credible online backup services offer their prospects a free trial period to help them evaluate their products. During the trial period, test everything. Find out how long it takes to send and receive information. Call customer support and assess the quality of their response.

4. Usability

A good online backup solution should be very easy to use. During the trial period, find out how the interface works. The solution should not only be easy to use, but should also have enough capability to meet the needs of the company or business.

5. Restore

Before signing up for any service, make sure you test the restore capability of the online backup solution. It is one thing to store data, and another thing to recover it fast and conveniently. In case you lose your data, you will want to get it back fast and conveniently. Therefore, you need to find providers who offer an easy data restore process.

6. Support

When it comes to online backup, customer support is very crucial. Some providers have cheap plans which offer lots of storage space. However, such plans only offer support via automated replies or email. Though you might save on costs, you will eventually suffer due to poor customer support. Find online backup solutions which allow you to contact human beings through telephone or live chat.

7. Security

Most online backup providers claim to have the latest storage technology and data encryption. Whatever their claims, you need to find out if they have a second data center. Protecting data in separate locations assures recovery when data is lost.
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