Helpful Tips That Will Work to Restore Your Google SERP

With frequent shakings and trembles from Google, it has really been the horror for many search optimizers about their sites. So, if your site is penalized by Google and somehow planning to stop your site. Then you need to Stop as there is certainly a mode to save your site from this hurricane tremble and use it for marketing your business as you used to do before.

It is certain that it requires some hard work but instead of creating or developing a new site for your business, it is always better to work on your pre-designed sites to regain its ranking as before. Therefore, it is true that the regain of your search results page for your prior website is far more beneficial than investing on a new site and uprooting it from the roots. Here’s the technique of how to do this.

Well, before you know the techniques to restore your site from the previous stage, it is important for you to know what the main cause behind this penalty is. Knowing this reason, you should atleast try to overlook it so that your sites won’t fall back again. Henceforth, there is actually nothing to worry about as I am not trying with any of the Panda, Penguin or Tiger Updates to restore back your site rankings. Instead some of the major reasons or common tricks are highlighted that are the main causes of your penalization and the most effective tips to overcome it so as to restore back your site rankings:

Pointed below are some of the major tricks that were the main cause behind your site’s penalization:

Using of Anchor Text

It is generally thought that using anchor text for your site is beneficial. Yes, certainly it is but upto a certain limit. Too many use of “anchor-text” for your site may loose your site ranks. Therefore, it is recommended that you use these usable variations being listed here under:

  • <your domain>.com
  • Use Title Tag Text
  • <click here>
  • www.<your domain>.com

These are the possible way of putting links to your site if not using anchor text for your site. Using this would be beneficial for both your site and its respective ranks.

Using Spammy Links

Those were the olden and golden days when spammy links were given much importance and steep rankings can be gained with overnight exposure. But nowadays, spammy links need to be removed from your site in order to stop your site from getting banned. Therefore, spam links are the links from link farming sites, sites containing duplicate as well as low quality content. Even sites containing adult content or unrelated items, those links are even considered as spammy links. Therefore, copying others contents are considered as spam and won’t be counted. Your site might be considered as spam and sometimes might get banned.

Building Links too fast over a short period of time

It is generally believed and considered that building links over a fast period of time definitely do affect both your site as well as your site rankings. “Slow but steady wins the race”, yes this is the proverb and we all must have heard this. Well, I believe that building links at a slower pace is definitely helpful. It is generally recommended by best and professional seo company in India to build some links for your site, gain some ranks and when ranks are improved then lower on the level of links.

Creation of Duplicate Content

This is the tendency for most SE Optimizers to use duplicate or copied content for their site in order to gain high rankings for their site. But days have gone and after the recent updates from Google, getting duplicate content on your site would surely make it banned. These contents are equally penalized as the only cause behind this is that your content is considered as low-quality content. Therefore, it is better to create some unique and fresh content for your site.  Both readers and search engine optimizers do find unique and fresh content as interesting. Therefore, it is always recommended to use some fresh content for your site and not to use any of that duplicate content for your well-established site.

Henceforth, it is not mandatory at all that you hurdle and close all those penalized websites. Instead, all that can be done is stop producing all those spammy links and duplicate content for your site. It is would be always better to notice and change and accept the changes by following the above tips and it would surely help your site for Google Search Engine Results Page Restoration. Henceforth, it is recommended that you follow all the above tips and have faith on us….

I am sure your site will definitely succeed!!

This guest post is written by Aditi Datta. She is a Professional Search Engine Optimizer working in a leading SEO Company in India. She provides effective tips and guidelines through her highly researched works in the field of SEO and Social Media.

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