Why to go for home furnishing

Home Furnishing: Why You Should Do It Yourself

If you bought your new house and are planning to furnish it your way, then this article is for you. Instead of assigning this work to interior designers you can do it yourself. Doing interiors for yourself is not only fun but the smart thing to do. If you ask why, the answer is very simple. No one knows your mood better than yourself. And if you say there is no time… Well, online stores are here to make your life easy! Are you thinking they are expensive? Well, just use pepperfry coupons to get furniture for your house delivered to your door at an affordable price.

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Living room should be full of “LIFE”

If you have noticed, you spent most of your time in your living room. Even when guests come they settle down here. Now you have a chance to beautify this room. Place a 3 seater sofa along with 2 one seater. If your room is not big enough then do not place a center table. Instead have side tables beside the sofas. Get 2 standing lamp sheds and place it at the two corners of your room. Paint one side of the room very bright and the other three sides very light. This will brighten up the room. You can also paint in stripes of dark color on the light painted wall. This will make your room different.

The Bedroom With A Twist

There are different types of stylish beds available at Pepperfry, which you can try. Get a nice bed for your bedroom. Do not forget to place two bed side tables beside your bed. On the bed side table keep a family picture that is framed. On the other bed side table place a small flower vase, where you can keep fresh flowers. This will give a nice fragrance to your room.

But, make sure you change the flower every day or not keep flowers if they are stale. A bed side carpet along your bed is required. If your bed room has bright colored walls then your carpet should be not be bright colored. On the other hand if the bed room walls are not bright in color then your carpet must be bright colored. The curtain of the room should either be matching or be contrast. Choose nice and bright curtain rods to hang your curtains.

The Nice Dining Space

You can now make your dining space interesting. On the walls of your dining room hung few creative utensils. You can buy these stuffs online as well. There are long wooden spoons, pots that can be hung on the wall. Place colorful table cloth on your table. Always have the table mats placed. Keep a small flower pot on the table and place dry scented flowers. If you have windows in your dining room then make sure that the table cloth matches the curtains.

Doors Say It All

There are ways you can decorate your main door as well. Decorative main doors shows how creative your mind and home are. Paint it bright to make a difference. Place a creative door knock on your door.

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