What Are The Hosted IP PBX Features

Hosted PBX is a VoIP technology option that is often used in businesses around the globe. Hosted PBX technology allows both small and medium businesses to use a sophisticated telephone system without having to purchase expensive equipment. The Hosted PBX system is operated on a VoIP service plan, making it easy to integrate into any business.

Hosted PBX allows employees to work from home, during travel or even on cellular while still being connected to the office. Businesses will be able to enjoy the same great features as larger companies, such as transfer callers, on hold music, conference calls and more, but at a lower price point. There are several features that can be accessed with Hosted PBX and below are a few examples of the most used features in both Business and Call Control.

Business Features

The business features of Hosted PBX are essential to the everyday operation of an office space. These features will allow employees to become more productive, which will only enhance customer service and peer to peer interaction.

Choose Your Area Code

This service will allow you to choose the area code in which you operate. This comes in very handy when you are based in a certain country but want to appeal to other areas of the world. Consumers are cautious and an unfamiliar area code can make them wary of a phone call.

Employee Extensions

Hosted PBX allows for a company to open extensions for every employee. This will make it easy for peer to peer relations during the work day as well as for customers and clients to reach specific employees within the company.

Voice Mail

Voicemail comes in various degrees in Hosted PBX from the standard voice mail to visual options. With visual voicemail, employees will have an inbox that is dedicated to visual voicemail. Any messages received will be converted to text and placed in the inbox making for easy access and ready for the employee.


With hosted PBX, any standard SIP softphone can be used as a PBX VoIP phone. This means that employees can use mobile phones during the work day, which comes in handy during travel, meetings and for those who work from home. Calls can be made over 3G, 4G and WiFi, making it easy for employees to stay connected.

Unified Messaging

With unified messaging capabilities, users will be able to receive messages on the phone, PC and other devices by using a specific web portal. Each option makes it simple for employees to receive their messages and not miss out on an important deadline or information.

Remote Access

This basically means that users on this type of system have the ability to log in to the Hosted IP PBX network without actually being on the premises. This feature is why the service is so convenient to those who work from home or must travel due to business meetings, conferences, etc.

Call Logs

This service also provides call logs which can be used as a tool to determine how the company needs to proceed. Active calls and call history can be viewed via reports that help the owner to determine how the service is being used and utilized.

Call Control Features

This option basically means the user has control over what happens when someone calls. Calls can be send to voicemail or certain numbers can be allowed to go through. The web portal allows the user to set the options for a specific time frame. Out on a business meeting? Set the phone to voicemail so you are not interrupted!

Voice Mail to Email

Hosted PBX also has voicemail to email conversion capabilities. Users will be able to set their calls up to send any voicemail to email form. A specific email is set for the extension to send the information in email form to a certain account so the employee can view this information.

Caller ID

Simply stated, the user is able to see who is calling on the line.

Call Waiting

This feature allows the user to click over to another call while still on the first call.

Call Hold

Call holding allows the user to place an individual on hold during a conversation.

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