How to deal with bad reviews affecting your business

How Bad Reviews Can Hurt Your Business

Customer reviews have great importance in business as they can prove to be a deciding factor of purchase. Many customers check reviews when they want to shop online. Negative reviews can instantly change a person’s mind and divert him towards your competitor’s website. So, a businessman shouldn’t neglect online reputation management if he/she is really concerned to their business. Improve the quality of services or products as well as pay heed towards your online reputation management strategy to generate more revenue and maintain your reputation.

Does Bad Reviews Really Hurt Your Business?

Bad reviews negatively impact your business and reduce your sales. But, it doesn’t mean even a single negative review will result in significant sale reduction. Negative reviews affect your sale when the purchase rate gets higher than 50%. The chances of incurring loss are higher if your business is new because people don’t know about your services.  According to a report, 67.7% of customers check online reviews before making a deal. Similarly, another report asserts the fact that 54.7% customers consider reviews an essential part of their decision making process. It’s a matter of common sense that negative reviews discourage a person or raise fears regarding the services. The risk of losing out potential customers increases 22% with bad reviews.

What is the Legal Right of a Customer to Say about Your Business?

A customer has a legal right to say about your business in terms of his or her opinion. Law allows them to express their reviews even if they are negative but the review shouldn’t be untrue or exaggeration. Otherwise, a false statement can make him face the court under the act of libelous and slanderous crimes. Legal laws are present against defamatory statements as they can destroy the entire business and reputation of a company or person.

Does Negative Reviews always hurt Your Business?

The answer is in negation because negative reviews on the website show your honesty. Addressing negative comments and replying them politely show your concerns to your business and customers. It’s a proof of your interest in your customers’ demands and willing to know what they actually expect from you.

When You Need to Take Negative Comments Seriously?

One shouldn’t neglect even a single negative comment. Responding to negative comments is as important as appreciating the positive reviews. Make an online reputation management strategy that restricts you to respond the negative review and assure the customer to solve the issue as soon as possible. Take the matter seriously when the number of negative reviews is increasing because it shows the unsatisfactory behavior of people. Some issues can easily be resolved like if a person complains about your staff’s behavior then the employee needs to apologize or if the customer is angry on late delivery then make it quick as soon as possible. However, if someone is making an untrue statement about your business then answer it a logical way and give him or her proofs about the wrong allegations.

What Should You Do About Bad Reviews?

Don’t get panic and don’t neglect it at all. Many companies offer online reputation management services which you can hire if you aren’t good enough in communication. However, there are several things you can do on your own when your product or company inevitably gets negative reviews.

Identify the Problem: Identify the problem and analyze the main issue. Check the frequency of the same problem and address the matter seriously. Inquire the concerned department and try to solve the issue after the identification process.

Sole Incidents: Sole incidents are easy to handle. Reach out the customer and apologize him or her if you find guilty your staff or there was a quality lack in the services. Listen to angry customer and let him say what he wants express. Offer them a refund of gift voucher to maintain your customer friendly reputation.

How to Address the Customer’s Negative Review?

Don’t get harsh on a negative review and stay calm. Respond to a negative comment politely as the opposite way can result is severe consequences. Following option are helpful in addressing the customer’s negative review.

  • Try to compensate and ask the customer to change the review
  • Offer them free test products so they may get satisfied
  • Show him or her the positive reviews you have received for the same product
  • Ask them to change the product if the complaint is related to sole issue
  • Take the issue offline and update when it gets solved

Reasons to Hire Online Reputation Management Services

There is an old saying that it takes twenty years to build a reputation and only five minutes to ruin it. Reputation loss is irreparable no matter how much efforts you make later. That’s why take measures regarding your business reputation and hire online reputation management service to address the issue today.  Here are the major benefits you get from it.

  • Improves your brand image and ranks you higher on Google
  • Removes negative listing from the top ranking and replace it with positive ranking
  • Highlight positive reviews and happy stories
  • Enhances the positive perception of the brand and engage more customers
  • Identifies the problems and gaps present in the services and highlight the positive areas
  • Gain insight into online networking by collaborating with other companies and targeted areas
  • Strong profile visibility on Yelp, Google, Facebook, twitter

Reviews are the experience of customers regarding a certain product or services. It depicts the culture of a company, quality of a product, and ratio of satisfaction of customers. That’s why customers and visitors take these reviews seriously and consider them before making a deal. Online reputation management is an effective way to handle these issues and improve your online reputation. However, before hiring online reputation service make sure that the company has experience and potential to garner both customers and revenue. Otherwise, the issue will remain there and you will merely destroy your budget.

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