How can business people and entrepreneurs avoid a cyber attack?

How Entrepreneurs Can Prepare to Avoid an Inevitable Cyber Attack

How can business people and entrepreneurs avoid a cyber attack? Having your accounts frozen or websites hacked can be devastating to a company’s productivity, reputation, and bottom line. That’s why entrepreneurs must be prepared. Don’t go by the premise that it will never happen to you. It might, so rather than take unnecessary risks check out these tips to help you stay protected.

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Don’t ignore threats

Take cyber-treats seriously and try not to ignore them. We hear about hackers stealing data from major retailers and government agencies almost daily, so that should make you wonder if your business is truly safe. Just because most cyber criminals attack famous companies it doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you too. Believe it or not, small enterprises are at risk too. In fact, a top provider of security software systems known as McAfee, recently uncovered that 90% of companies in the US (small to medium sized) are not properly protected. In a small firm, breaches may cost up to $100,000 to fix while a large corporation may end up spending millions to get back on track.

Leaving aside important data, answer yourself the following question: “how safe is your company’s credit card and business’s banking info?” Regardless of the size, companies can’t afford to have this form of information compromised because it will create financial disruptions, which may lead to termination.

Stay away from public Wi-Fi

Don’t do business in public spaces! We’re particularly talking about important transactions or vital exchange of information.  Public Wi-Fi may a blessing for average people who love Facebook, but it can put a company in great danger. It is one of the simplest ways a hacker can access your smartphone or computer. Unsecured networks are the easiest to hack. Try not to log in into important accounts with a user name and password if you’re in a café with free Wi-Fi. Do that only through a secure network, such as a mobile phone data network.

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Set up (and don’t ignore) alerts

Credit cards and banks feature alerts you can set up to keep track of your transactions. Have them activated and you’ll feel a lot safer. For example, text alert can be extremely useful. Each time a transaction exceeds a specified amount you will receive a text or email with that balance. This way you will easily and conveniently spot fraudulent credit card activity. If you can find the time to set up notifications for social media and news, it might also be a good idea to set up notifications for your company’s financial accounts, just to be on the safe side.

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Choose strong passwords

Setting up stronger passwords is not that easy, and believe it or not, very few companies pay attention to password security. If you want to avoid a cyber attack you need to be careful when choosing passwords. A password algorithm is the best because it will help you remember, as well as a password theme.

You can also consider apps with facial recognition and fingerprint features. Take advantage of secure login protocols to limit access, such as two step log in. Many companies see these processes extremely inconvenient; and yet rather than be the victim of a cyber attack, it is best to take precaution measures and stay on the safe side.

Keep your collaborators and employee informed

According to several specialists, security breaches happen because of inadequate employee behavior. 80% of most incidents occur because of inappropriately trained staff. Talk to your people about cyber threats and emphasize on the importance of cyber security. It is important that you state policies clearly within your company. In addition, business partners and vendors, particularly those with whom you conduct financial transactions, should be asked to uphold internet security protocols. Not everyone will comply, but at least you raise awareness about the importance of cyber security.

Avoiding cyber attacks is easier said than done. If someone targets you or your business, there’s nothing you can do to stop them. Your only solution is to be prepared. Tighten password security, keep your people informed, avoid free Wi-Fi, and consider hiring IT support specialists to help you deal with unexpected threats.

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